Their charm is now magnanimously conceded and now violently confuted in their public prints; now and then an Englishman lets himself go over his own signature even, at times and denounces our women, their loveliness, their liveliness, their goodness, in terms which if I repeated them would make some timider spirits pause in their resolution to marry English dukes and run English society.

Those who didn't know him as well as I do, and didn't love him as dearly as I do, might believe he was not quite right. Sometimes they played tricks upon him; but they never knew how he felt them, and shrunk up, when he was alone with me. He was far, far timider than they thought! 'And you were his comfort through everything? She nodded, with the tears rolling down her face.

"She'd eat me," said the spider, "and, anyhow, the competition on the wall is dreadful, and the flies are getting wiser and timider every season. Have you got a wife yourself, now?" "I have not," said the ass; "I wish I had." "You like your wife for the first while," said the spider, "and after that you hate her." "If I had the first while I'd chance the second while," replied the ass.

James seemed incapable of answer, and his cousin, laying a hand anew upon the decanter, filled the glass almost to the brim, and held it out to him. 'Get a heart into you, he said gruffly, 'and speak out! The timider of the guilty pair drank unwarily, not knowing what was offered to him, and fell into a fit of coughing. The rest awaited him in a tense expectation.

So I'll trouble you to give me my sixty thousand; and I advise you as a friend to hold on to the rest." "Clark!" said Potts, "you're getting timider and timider. You ain't got any more pluck these times than a kitten." "It's a time when a man's got to be careful of his earnings," said Clark. "How much have you out in notes? You told me once you had out about L180,000, perhaps more.

"That is the delight of this bit of water," Susanna said, always with bated breath. "The birds for miles about come here to drink and bathe. All the rarer and timider birds, that one never sees anywhere else." "Ah, yes. Very jolly, very interesting," said Anthony, not quite knowing what he said, perhaps, for his faculties, I hope, were singing a Te Deum.

All have some virtue if we leave it them In peace and quiet, all may lose some part By sifting too minutely good and bad. The tenderer and the timider of creatures Often desert the brood that has been handled, Or turned about, or indiscreetly looked at. The slightest touches, touching constantly, Irritate and inflame. LANDOR'S Giovanna and Andrea.

But while all England hung on the event of the titanic struggle against this "beneficent genius," what was a philanthropist to do? The world was rattling back into barbarism, and the generation which emerged from the long nightmare of war, famine, and repression, was incomparably less advanced in its thinking, narrower and timider in its whole habit of mind than the men who were young in 1789.

At the top of the companion ladder Melissa stood waiting for us, demure, but subdued, with a still timider look than ever upon that sweet, shrinking, small face of hers. Her heart beat hard, I could see by the movement of her bodice, and her breath came and went; but she stood there like a dove, in her dove-coloured travelling dress.