'It's a rotten gun you've got, Von, says they; 'can ye no' bring doon one wee airman? 'Gi' me anither thoosand shots, gasps Willie, 'and there'll be a vacant seat in the sergeant's mess; and so the afternoon wears away and the landscape is littered wi' shell cases, but high in the air, glitterin' in the dyin' rays of the sun, sits the debonair scoot, cool, resolute, and death-defyin'."

"Where are ye gaun?" he asked, for Tam's besetting vice was an unquenchable curiosity. "To the trenches afore Masille, sir-r," said the man he addressed. "Ye'll no' be callin' me 'sir-r," reproved Tam. "A'm a s-arrgent. Hoo lang will ye stay in the trenches up yon?" "Foor days, Sergeant," said the man. "Foor days guid Lord!" answered Tam. "A' wouldn't do that wairk for a thoosand poonds a week."

"He took the wirds in Second Kings, second an' elevent, an' in Luke, nint an' thirtieth, an' a fine discoorse he made o't, aboot Elijah bein' taen up to heaven in the fiery chariot, an' comin' again a hunder or a thoosand 'ear efter, juist the same billie as he gaed awa'. He made oot that we'd meet a' oor deid freends in heaven again, an' juist ken them the same as though they'd only been awa' frae hame for a cheenge for a while."

'Ye maun be a puir chiel, gin ye'll be worth less than ten thoosand pound in the market o' marriage; and ten thoosand pound is a gawcey grand heritage! Such had been the fatherly precept which Lord Gaberlunzie had striven to instil into each of his noble sons; and it had not been thrown away upon them.

I've often windered what was the use o' Nathan wirryin' ower thae oot-o'-the-wey places that he wud never be within a thoosand mile o'. He kens a' the oots an' ins o' Valiparaiso, but michty little aboot Bowriefauld. Hooever, I suppose the dominie kens best.

She's aw in white satin, my lassie, an in her brown hair theer's pearls, an a blue ribbon just howdin down t' little luve-locks on her forehead an on her saft neck theer's pearls again not soa white, by a thoosand mile, as her white skin an t' lace fa's ower her proud shoothers, an down her luvely arms an she looks at me wi her angry eyes Eh, but she's a queen! cried 'Lias, in a sudden outburst of admiration.

Hech! the ill luck o' yon man, no a ship come hame; ane foundered at sea, coming fra Tri-po-lis; the pirates scuttled another, an' ane ran ashore on the Goodwins, near Bright-helm-stane, that's in England itsel', I daur say. Sae he could na pay the three thoosand ducats, an' Shylock had grippit him, an' sought the pund o' flesh aff the breest o' him, puir body." Sandy Liston.

Oh! no, that's what ye're lookin' for, Ah sez, for Ah'd heerd rumours 'Ah'll no resign, Ah sez, 'but Ah'll jist wait till the Sabbath's ower an' Ah'll get ma ax, Ah sez, 'an by the help o' the Almichty Ah'll smash the abomination into a thoosand splinters!" His stick came down upon the doorstone with a crash that prophesied total destruction to the offending instrument.

Every fiber in ma body, includin' ma suspenders, is tense wi' rage an' horror." "A cigar, Tam?" "No, thank ye, sir-r," said Tam, waving aside the proffered case and extracting two cigars in one motion. "Well, perhaps A'd better. A've run oot o' seegairs, an' the thoosand A' ordered frae ma Glasgae factor hae been sunk by enemy action this is no' a bad seegair, Captain Blackie, sir-r.

"Ay, weel," said Tammas, "that's a' richt. Ou, the origin o' cock-fightin' gangs back to the time o' the Greek wars, a thoosand or twa years syne, mair or less. There was ane, Miltiades by name, 'at was the captain o' the Greek army, an' one day he led them doon the mountains to attack the biggest army 'at was ever gathered thegither." "They were Persians," interposed T'nowhead.