Used ter be an ol' stompin' ground o' mine. So Dutchy an' me clumb thet big hill back o' whar we halted, an' by gum, down thar in ther gully on t' other side thar's a durned big camp o' fellers." I reined up short, and with uplifted hand signalled the men behind to halt. "Why didn't you tell me this before?" I questioned sternly. "How many were there? and what did they look like?"

Jerry has long ears," the older man warned, lowering his voice. Clay opened his eyes, flexed his arm muscles, and groaned. He caressed tenderly his aching ribs. "Some wreck," he gasped weakly. "They didn't do a thing to me outside of beatin' me up and stompin' on me and runnin' a steam roller over the dear departed." "Whose fault will that be?

I know, 'ca'se I wus dar m'se'f. But dat night when I had gone to bed an' wus gittin' off to meh fus' nap, I was woke up on a sudden by de noise uv a gre't stompin' an' trompin' an snortin' in de road. I jump up an' look out de winder, an' I 'clar' 'fo' Gracious if dar warn't Mose, natchel as life, horses an' hack an' all, tearin' by at a break-neck speed.

Had they elected Eliphalet, and so expressed their settled distrust of him, and sympathy for the man whom he had injured? "Who's elected?" he asked, harshly. "You be!" said the man; "went in flyin', all hands clappin' and stompin' their feet!" An hour later the doctor drove up, stopped, and walked toward the kitchen door. As he passed the window, he looked in.

You see he's been with me reg'lar and ain't learned no bad tricks. If the boys know I'm gone and get to learnin' him about buckin' and bitin' the arm offen a guy and kickin' a guy's head off and rollin' on him, and rarin' up and stompin' him, like some, they's no tellin' what might happen when I get back." Corliss laughed outright. "That's so.

Hank got the buck's name outen a book where it said in slick soundin' poetry as how Belshazzar was king an' Belshazzar waz lord. Thet buck were sure the mos' uppity critter! Nuthin' waz good enuf fer him to sociate with and he herded by hisself mos'ly. He waz allus on thu prod, stompin' aroun' darin' thu other critters to fite.

Why, ye yeller-bellied fool, thet's my hat yeer stompin' on!" "Your hat!" echoed the trapper in a contemptuous tone. "Carrambo, senor! you should be ashamed of yourself. Any man who would wear a silk hat! Wagh!" "An' why ain't a silk hat as good's any other?"

Hannah can take him; I won't have a great boy stompin' out the carpets and ruinin' the furniture, though I know when I'm dead I can't hinder ye, if you make up your mind to do anything." "I shouldn't like to go against your feelings, especially in laying out your money, Miranda," said Jane. "Don't tell Rebecca I've willed her the brick house.

"Tell her not to play so LOUD," whispered Marietta. The captain obeyed. "Come, come, Primmie," he said, irritably. "Go easy on it, soften her down. Play low. And stop stompin' out the time with your foot." Thus cautioned Miss Cash played low, very low, and also very slowly. "The Sweet By and By" droned on, over and over, in the dark stuffiness of the crowded room.

Fust thing you're stompin' around in your head upsettin' all that you writ tryin' to rope somethin' to put on the tail-end of the parade that'll show up strong. Kind o' like ropin' a steer. No tellin' where that pome is goin' to land you." Sundown was more than pleased with himself.