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May 31. brite and fair. went up to Whacker Chadwicks today after school to help him plant his garden. we had about a bushel of potatoes to plant and it was fun to sit round a basket and cut up the potatoes. after a while Gim Erly and Luke Mannux cume along and we began to plug potatoes at them, they plugged them back and we had a splendid fite, me and Whack and Pozzy and Boog Chadwick on one side and Gim Erly and Luke Mannux and Bob Ridly on the other.

He tuk powerful sick all at wunst, jest as the trail was gittin rather fresh, and he lay groanin wen the rest of the company marched off into the fite.

Old Francis said 2 axidents in 2 days was too mutch and we mustent play football enny more. so at recess we go behind the school house and have fites. Gim Miller and Ben Rundlet had a good fite, and tomorrow Plug Atherton and Diddly Colket are going to have a fite it is most as much fun to see fites as to play football. Sept. 30.

Feb. 2. Brite and fair. i gave Johnny Kelly the core of my apple today. Gosh sum fellers can fite auful and swear auful two. Feb. 3. Brite and fair. Beany has got a new blew jacket. he felt prety big about it until Pewt took him in the back with a roten apple.

H. Rashdall, Theory of Good and Evil, book I, chap, III; book II, chaps, I, II. W. Fite, Introductory Study of Ethics, part I. G. E. Moore, Ethics, chap. VII. In rebuttal of some of these arguments: J. S. Mill, Utilitarianism, chaps, II and IV. H. Spencer, Data of Ethics, chaps, IX, X. Leslie Stephen, Science of Ethics, chap.

Jan. 27. i coodent go out of the yard this afternoon becaus i dident put ashes on the front steps before father fell down and so Pewt and Beany and Whacker and Nibby Hartwell and Diddly Colket and Nipper and Prisilla and Gim Wingit and lots of the fellers came over and we had a snowball fite. mother says she hops father wont keep me at home anuther afternoon.

Skipy Moses was in the wood box all the morning. December 9. brite and fair, speakin day today. missed in Horatius at the brige. December 10. Clowdy but no rane. went to church. lots of new fellers in sunday school. me and Beany and Pewt and Pile Woods and Billy Folsom and Jimmy Gad and lots of others. Mister Winsor dident teach today, gess they woodent let him on account of the rooster fite.

Wall, take the advice of a Amerykin sitterzen, take orf them gownds & don't try to get up a religious fite, which is 40 times wuss nor a prize fite, over Albert Edard, who wants to receive you all on a ekal footin, not keerin a tinker's cuss what meetin house you sleep in Sundays. Go home & mind yure bisness & not make noosenses of yourselves." With which observashuns I left 'em.

Rany. not mutch but sum. we was playing snap the whip today and Johnny Kelly was on the end and got snaped rite into a pudel of water and he said i dident hold on and he wood give me a slap in the mug and i said he want man enuf and jest then the bell rang and we had to go in. tomorow he had beter look out i am going to give him one in the eye and then grab for the under hold and get him down and lam him good. i bet he cant fite enny beter then Ti Crummet did, and when i have licked him all the fellers will be afrade of me. i bet he will wish he had never fit with me.

Tahoe &c. informing us of the Deturmination of the Ricaras to follow our councils- and the threts & intintions of the Sioux in Killing us whenever they again met us- and that a party of Several bands were formeing to attacke the Mandans &c. &c. we informed the Mandans & others of this information & also the wish the Ricars had to live near them & fite the Sioux &c. &c. &c.