Tell it, or you'll bust tryin' to keep it in." "Oh, it's a great, long " began Captain Bailey protestingly. "Go on," urged Phinney. "We've got more time than anything else, the most of us. Who was this Stingy Gabe?" "Yes," urged Gott, "and what did he reform?" Captain Stitt held up a compelling hand. "It's all of a piece," he interrupted. "It takes in everything, like an eatin'-house stew.

"Look here!" cried Captain Stitt, rather tartly, "am I goin' to finish that yarn of mine or don't you want to hear it?" "BEG your pardon, Bailey. Go on. The last thing you said was what Stingy Gabe said, and that was " "And that," said Captain Bailey, mollified by the renewed interest of his listeners, "was, 'Bully! I'll do it! "So he calls a meetin' of everybody interested, at his new house.

Phinney shook his head and walked out of the building. On his way back to the scene of the house moving he shook his head several times. On the afternoon of the ninth Captain Bailey Stitt and his friend Wingate came to say good-by. Stitt was going back to Orham on the "up" train, due at 3:30. "Hey, Sol!" shouted Wingate, as they entered the waiting room. "Sol! where be you?"

And there began a glorious revival of religion, which pervaded the college, and spread into the country around. Many of those students became ministers of the gospel. The youth who brought me "Alleine's Alarm" from his mother was my friend, the Rev. C. Stitt, who is preaching in Virginia. And he who interrupted me in reading the work, my venerable and worthy friend, the Rev. Dr.

I hope he gets that chance pretty soon, because well, there's a rumor goin' round that Loveland is plannin' to swap his car for a bigger and faster one. If he does . . ." "If he does," interrupted Captain Sol, "I hope you'll fix the next race for over here. I'd like to see you go by, Barzilla." "Guess you'd have to look quick to see him," laughed Stitt. "Speakin' about automobiles "

Thus, Mayor Stitt Wilson of Berkeley, California, has refused to comply with this custom of executing an undated resignation from office in advance of election, and the local organization has defended his action on the ground that the "Berkeley municipal charter, providing as it does for the initiative, referendum, and recall, there is no necessity for any official placing his resignation in the hands of the local," ignoring the fact that a handful of the least Socialistic of those who had voted for Mr.

"Speakin' of automobiles," began Bailey Stitt for the third time. "That youngster of yours, Hiram," went on the depot master, "is the right kind. Compared with some of the summer young ones that strike this depot, he's a saint." Captain Hiram grinned. "That's what I tell Sophrony," he said.

Holway, says I, 'is it true that Dan and Gaius have resigned and agreed to vote for somebody else? "He nodded, grand and complacent. "'Then who's the somebody? says I. 'For the land sakes! tell me. It's as big a miracle as the prodigal son. "I remember now that the prodigal son ain't a miracle, but I was excited then. "'Stitt, says he, 'I am the "somebody," as you call it.

I heard a little somethin' about the affair at the time it happened and I'd like to hear the rest of it. How was it, Bailey?" Captain Stitt knocked the ashes from his pipe. "Well," he began, "I didn't know the critter was weak in his top riggin' or I wouldn't have gone with him in the fust place. And he wa'n't real loony, nuther.

And the reason he didn't was named Tobias Loveland and lived over to Orham." "I know Tobias," interrupted Captain Bailey Stitt. "Course you do," continued Barzilla. "So does Sol, I guess. Well, anyhow, Tobias and Cap'n Jonadab never did hitch.