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MY DEAR FRIEND: I have this moment received your letter of the 26th past from Munich. Since you are got so well out of the distress and dangers of your journey from Manheim, I am glad that you were in them: "Condisce i diletti Memorie di pene, Ne sa che sia bene Chi mal non soffri."

Sia Kung-Schong alone was young and showed no consideration. When he was in good spirits he did not bother them, but when he got out of sorts he knew no mercy, and purposely stepped on them and killed them. In general his young wife was modest and obedient; yet she easily lost her temper. She could not approve her husband's conduct. But Sia would not do her the favor to give up his brutal habit.

With him it is always the pleasure which he hopes from his lady, or the pleasure which he has had "Quando ambidue stavamo in allegranza alla dolce fera;" "Pregovi donna mia Per vostra cortesia E pregovi che sia Quello che lo core disia."

Ira noi finor nudriro un branco irato D'Orsi e di lupi, il malaccorto amico Ti svenava un fellon sgherro mendico, E per cauto timor n'era onorato. Al primiero spuntar d'un fausto lume Tutto cangiò: curvansi in falci i teh, Mille Pluto perdè vittime usate. Viva l'Eroe, il comun padre, il nume Gridan le gentè a si bei ferbate. E sia ché ardisca dir che siam crudelé. Imitation.

So he once more drove his wife out of the house. The princess left her home and went away. The following day fire broke out in the house, and spread to several other buildings. Sia, in a rage because of the fire, went to the temple to complain: "To bring up a daughter in such a way that she does not please her parents-in-law shows that there is no discipline in a house.

And in the course of a few days all the rooms had been rebuilt, and all the utensils, curtains and furniture were there as before. And when the work had been completed the princess also returned. She climbed the stairs to the great room, and acknowledged her fault with many tender and loving words. Then she turned to Sia Kung-Schong, and smiled at him sideways.

But now, when young and old, you are comfortably established, you wish to act like the fledgling owl, who picks out his own mother's eyes as soon as he is able to fly!" Sia then grew still more angry and answered: "These gifts have been unwelcome to me for a long time, for I consider them unclean. I could never consent to leave such property to sons and grandsons.

I am told that the Chinese Methodists of one church in California give yearly from $1,000 to $1,800 for the various purposes of the church. The Christians have captured some brilliant men, such as Sia Sek Ong, who is a Methodist; Chan Hon Fan, who ought to be in our army from what I hear; Rev. Tong Keet Hing, the Baptist, a noted Biblical scholar; Rev. Wong, of the Presbyterians; Rev.

They sometimes asked which of the two was really the object of his admiration; and as he still made no further advances at the same time that he continued his gallant protestations, "these ladies," says Mazarin, "si esamina la mia vita e si conclude che io sia impotente." La Rochefoucauld, Memoirs, p. 383.

So Sia Kung-Schong's mother still had to look out for her son's clothes. One day his mother was angry and said: "My son has a wife, and yet I have to do all the work! In other homes the daughter-in-law serves her mother-in-law. But in our house the mother-in-law must serve the daughter-in-law." This the princess accidentally heard.

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