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A smell issueth therefrom full delicate and sweet of savour. The King sojourneth in the castle and is highly honoured, and beholdeth the richesse and the lordship and the great abundance that is everywhere in the castle, insomuch that therein is nought wanting that is needful for the bodies of noble folk.

These words are used in both English and German so confusedly that we often hesitate merely to touch them. Now if we say that the mind is a development, and is not a prius, what idea ought it to suggest? Does this mean the principle of life, or the understanding, or the reason, or consciousness? We suffer here from a real and very dangerous embarras de richesse.

Nevertheless I believe that the wise course will be to allow great latitude and let economic motives take their own course. La Richesse de la France devant la Guerre, published in 1916. Revue Bleue, February 3, 1919.

Halsey, sallied out at the head of her column of daughters, espied me lurking behind the portiere, and proclaiming her embarras de richesse, 'paid me the compliment' of consigning one fair campaigner, Miss Eloise Hermione, to my care. Fancy the strain on courtesy, as I accepted my 'quite unexpected good fortune'!"

The court indeed is on a large scale, ornamented with turrets and arcades, with several beautiful windows and with sculptures inserted in the walls, representing the various sources of the great fortune of the owner. M. Pierre Clément describes this part of the house as having been of an "incomparable richesse" an estimate of its charms which seems slightly exaggerated to-day.

A table un jour, jour de grande richesse, De mes amis les voix brillaient en choeur, Quand jusqu'ici monte un cri d'allegresse: A Marengo Bonaparte est vainqueur. Le canon gronde; un autre chant commence; Nous celebrons tant de faits eclatans. Les rois jamais n'envahiront la France. Dans un grenier qu'on est bien a vingt ans! Quittons ce toit ou ma raison s'enivre.

«Quelle richesse dans les ressources de la nature! La pesanteur n'est pas plus prête

I had found, he hoped, that his conseils had been of some use to me in my brief married life. "Yes, Marquis," I said, "I have often been grateful to you and grandmamma." "You are of a great richesse now, n'est-ce pas, mon enfant?" "Yes, of a richesse. And so I have given all the Gurrage money back to one of their family you may remember her Amelia Hoad was her name."

Poppleton, who would pack and send these books away for me? 'An embarras de richesse! laughed the librarian. 'If you like to tell the porter to take care of them for the present, I shall be glad to see that they are sent wherever you like. Peak answered with a warmth of acknowledgment which seemed to imply that he did not often receive kindnesses.

Grisons-nous, mes chers amis, L'ivresse Vaut la richesse; Pour moi, dès que le suis gris, Je possède tout Paris!" "Oh hush!" said I, uneasily; "not so loud, pray!" "Why not?" "The the neighbors, you know. We cannot do as we would in the Quartier Latin." "Nonsense, my dear fellow. You don't swear yourself to silence when you take apartments in a hôtel meublé!

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