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Leticia Bredwel. Bel. Bredwel I have heard of her, she was Mistress Ral. To fine Mr. Bel. How! hang'd? Ral. Hang'd, Sir, hang'd at the Hague in Holland. Gay. I heard some such News, but did not credit it. Bel. For what, said they, was he hang'd? Ral. Why, e'en for High Treason, Sir, he killed one of their Kings. Gay. Holland's a Commonwealth, and is not rul'd by Kings. Ral.

"Then you are as cross as she is," answered the boy; "but when mamma comes home, she'll claw up both your mittens." "Hush your impertinence, you little forward imp!" said his father; "where is your tutor?" "Gone to a wedding at Dunbar; I hope he'll get a haggis to his dinner"; and he began to sing the old Scottish song: "There was a haggis in Dunbar, Fal de ral, etc.

Mony better and few waur, Fal de ral," etc. "I am much obliged to Mr. Cordery for his attentions," said the Lord Keeper; "and pray who has had the charge of you while I was away, Mr. Henry?" "Norman and Bob Wilson, forbye my own self." "A groom and a gamekeeper, and your own silly self proper guardians for a young advocate!

He voted for it and put on his topboots to ride to Dublin from the Ards of Down to do so. Lal the ral the ra The rocky road to Dublin. A gruff squire on horseback with shiny topboots. Soft day, sir John! Soft day, your honour!... Day!... Day!... Two topboots jog dangling on to Dublin. Lal the ral the ra. Lal the ral the raddy. That reminds me, Mr Deasy said.

'That's just the reason why you should buy them; having no money, you can't but want some; and here's your way to make it. You can have no difficulty in raising L200. 'And in the next place, I should not think of buying mining shares, and more especially these, while I am engaged as I now am. 'Fal de ral, de ral, de ral! That's all very fine, Mr.

Why I could dance; so I sprung from my chair, and singing the tune, commenced a Quadrille movement, "Tal de ral la, tal de ral la, lity, lity, lity, liddle-um, tal de ral ha, tal " "Three bells, sir," cried the first lieutenant, who had opened my door unperceived by me, and showed evident surprise at my motions; "shall we beat to quarters?" "Certainly, Mr B ," replied I; and he disappeared.

But see, they're coming forth, now stand your ground. Bel. Gay. Hold, remember you're proscribed, And die if you are taken. Bel. I've done, and I will live, but he shall ne'er enjoy her. Who's yonder, Ralph, my trusty Confident? Enter Ralph. Now though I perish I must speak to him. Friend, what Wedding's this? Ral. One that was never made in Heaven, Sir; 'Tis Alderman Fainwou'd, and Mrs.

If the Arabs desire to make a prey of the ral, as the young ostriches are called, they follow their footmarks, and having nearly overtaken them, they begin to shout; the terrified birds run to their parents, who face about, and stand still to fight for them; so the Arabs lead away the ral before their eyes, in spite of the bravadoes of the delim, who then manifests the liveliest grief.

Gathered on the platform were the foremost citizens of Baltimore, the ablest men in Maryland, including Mayor J. H. Preston, Douglas Thomas, Frank A. Furst, U. S. Senator John Walter Smith, Hon. J. Charles Linthicum, ex-Gov. Edwin Warfield, Col. Ral Parr, John W. Frick, John M. Dennis, Douglas H. Gordon, John E. Hurst, Franklin P. Cator, Capt. I. E. Emerson, Hon. Wm.

Those with him, more intent on getting something to eat, had pushed on back to where their haversacks and canteens and blankets had been left. Presently Shorty heard a call across the little valley: "Cor po ral Ell iott. Cor po ral Ell iott!" "Well, what is it?" Shorty called back, crustily. "Lit tle Pete and Sandy Ba ker is o ver here," came back upon the bright Spring air.