The national gallantry towards women upon which a Frenchman so plumes himself may be, as your true Briton declares, a poor sort of quality enough; a mere grimace and trick of the lips not genuine stuff from the heart; having much the same relation to true chivalry that his bière has to beer, or his potage to soup.

Sadders sent gentle messages of greeting over the wires. He was still a little piqued at his failure to secure the piper of the K.O.S.B., who had been commandeered by the Staff. Sadders waited for him until early morning and then steered him to our lodge, but the piper was by then too tired to play. Here is our bill of fare: Sardins très Moutard. Potage. Dindon Rôti-Saucisses. Oise Rôti.

But here is a streak of new light upon him: "Monsieur St. Euvremont makes thus his potage de santé of boiled meat for dinner being very valetudinary.... When he is in pretty good health, that he may venture upon more savoury hotter things, &c." The most rigorous Protestants will relax to hear how "To make a Pan Cotto as the Cardinals use in Rome."

MENU Potage aux tomates Coquilles de crevettes Barbue. Sauce câpres Pommes nature Filet de boeuf Flageolets. Pommes rissolées Asperges de Malines Sauce au beurre Pigeonneaux rôtis. Petits pois Poulets farcis. Compote de mangues Canetons rôtis. Salade russe Gâteaux Ananas au kirsch Fruits. Desserts

Before you put in the herbs, season the broth with Salt, a little Pepper and Cloves, strain out the broth and drink it. But for Potage, put at first a good piece of fleshy young Beef with the rest of the meat. And put not in your herbs till half an hour before you take off the Pot. When you use not herbs, but Carrots and Turneps, put in a little Peny-royal and a sprig of Thyme.

"Here are all the maxims I have," he writes to Mme. de Sable; "but as one gives nothing for nothing, I demand a potage aux carottes, un ragout de mouton, etc." "When La Rochefoucauld had composed his sentences," says Cousin, "he talked them over before or after dinner, or he sent them at the end of a letter. They were discussed, examined, and observations were made, by which he profited.

There is nothing too rococo for the peripatetic vender in these foreign watering-places. The dinner is a very good one. Cooked by Italian or French cooks, it may be something of this sort: potage de riz; lavarets St. It would be difficult in our country to find such cooking anywhere, and for that price simply impossible. Music in the Casino grounds follows the dinner.

The potage ought to be better than usual this morning, because I made a liaison for it with three egg-yolks! M. Boursier called his wife, and told her he couldn't eat his potage au riz. It was poisoned. Mme Boursier took a spoonful of it herself, she said, and saw nothing the matter with it. Whereupon her husband, saying that if it was all right he ought to eat it, took several spoonfuls more.

"Steel, of Mudbury, took the saddle and two legs, Sir Pitt; but he says the last was too young and confounded woolly, Sir Pitt." "Will you take some potage, Miss ah Miss Blunt? said Mr. Crawley. "Capital Scotch broth, my dear," said Sir Pitt, "though they call it by a French name." "I believe it is the custom, sir, in decent society," said Mr.

Those are the real unfortunates, who have sold themselves for a mess of potage, that for the most part they are never even allowed to eat, since before the bell rings it has probably been deposited by heaven knows what hand of Circumstance in someone else's plate, or gone stale and been thrown away. Godfrey was not one of these, because the hand of Circumstance had managed his affairs otherwise.