You have overworked them all, and such overwork is the more fatiguing in proportion to what is done than any other form, except overwork of the brain." And the overtired stomach and heart and lungs tire the brain, of course. Of the work that is given to the brain itself to overtire it we must speak later.

Olga wanted to ride, but Nick declared that this would overtire her, adding with a grin that he would occupy the back seat in the dog-cart if Noel had no objection.

Daddy had long ago left that inner preserve of her heart where she completely understood him. Sympathy between them, in the true sense of the word, had worn rather thin. 'I hope he won't overtire himself, she added, but this was the habit of perfunctory sympathy.

Good-night!" He kissed her lightly. "See you in the morning! Don't overtire yourself, and don't get up early! Good-night, Noel!" He would have departed with the words, but Noel detained him. "I say, Nick! I've been wanting a word with you all day, but couldn't get it in. If I lived where you do, I should keep a pretty sharp look-out. Nick stood still.

"But as I said," Olive began again, abruptly ending the unhopeful suspense of our pause, "there's nothing more we can do by sitting up. And there's certainly no need for you to overtire yourself, mother." "No, really not," urged Ronnie politely, "nor for you, either, sir," he added, addressing his host. "What I mean is, Frank and I'll do all that." "Rather, let's get a drink," Frank agreed.

And the more you laugh and shout, the more pure air will pass into your blood, and make it red and healthy; and the more you romp and play unless you overtire yourself the quicker will that blood flow through all your limbs, to make bone and muscle, and help you to grow into a man. But why does Lady Why like to see us play?

"Not if they were good enough," said Rob, trying to suppress the laugh which would have hurt Peggy's feelings, and looking with twinkling eyes at the little figure by his side, so comically unprofessional, with her lace collar, dainty little feet, and pigtail of dark brown hair. "You mustn't get up too early in the morning and overtire yourself. I can't allow that!" he added firmly.

He paused at the door to give his wife a kiss, and put a flask of port into his pocket. "Don't overtire your leg, Val, and don't bet too much." With the pressure of her chest against his own, and her eyes looking into his, Val felt both leg and pocket safe. He should be moderate; Holly was always right she had a natural aptitude.

He was beginning to think that it was almost time for him to begin hunting again, when one morning a rustle was heard in the creepers outside, and the hare's head peeped through. "Ah! there is no need to ask how you are," she said. "Still you mustn't overtire yourself, you know. Shall I go and bring you your dinner?"

"Yes, and as pleased they will be to see you. Mother, Bessie might walk to Brook with me before tea. They will be uncommonly gratified, and she will get over to us many another day," Mr. Carnegie proposed. "Yes, Thomas, if it will not overtire her." "Oh, nothing overtires me," said Bessie. "Let us go by Great-Ash Ford." Before they started the doctor had a word or two with his wife alone.