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I niver tried it meself, but they say it's a suverin' remidy; and if it don't do no good, it's not likely to do much harm, bein' but a waik mixture. Me own belaif is, that the milk's a mistake, but I suppose the doctors know best. "'Now, swaitest of men, I must stop, for Neddy's just come in howlin' like a born Turk for his tay; so no more at present from, yours till deth,

"Can we move him?" asked Bobbie. "I don't know; he's a big chap." "Suppose we bathe his forehead with water. No, I know we haven't any, but milk's just as wet. There's a whole bottle." "Yes," said Peter, "and they rub people's hands, I believe." "They burn feathers, I know," said Phyllis. "What's the good of saying that when we haven't any feathers?"

Perkins passed that over, hint and all. He wanted to know whether or not Johnnie got plenty of milk. "Oh, the milk we buy is all for Grandpa," Johnnie protested. "A big kid like me " Mr. Perkins interrupted. "I take a quart a day," he said quietly, "and I'm a bigger kid than you are; I'm twenty-one. Milk's got everything in it that a man needs from one end of his life to the other.

It's been a stanch party paper, too, and that without soliciting a dollar's worth of public advertising or political pap of any description. The Whig doesn't often kick over the traces. The Greeley campaign was its last bolt." "Well, the milk's spilt," said Shelby, with strenuous cheerfulness; "we've one reason the more to make next week's ratification meeting a rousing success.

They don't put water into the tea-pot: they call the man-servant and send for more tea. They don't give you a table-spoonful of cream, fidgeting and looking round to see if anybody else wants it: one of them turns the jug upside-down into your saucer, and before another can lay hold of it and say, "Halloa! The milk's all gone," you have generally had time to lap it up under the table.

'Tain't all Fourth-of-July; you mustn't think it. Milk's ten cents a quart, and jest as blue! Don't you 'spose you're better off up here, after all? Do you think Mrs. Bree could get along without you, now?" Bel replied most irrelevantly. She sat watching the fowls scratching around the barn-door. "How different a rooster scratches from a hen!" said she.

Whales' milk's good, if cream is. "But the best bit of whalin'," continued the communicative Captain Sol, "that I ever see in these 'ere parts was done by that identical old chap in the starn there." "When Sol ain't talkin', gentlemen," retorted the person thus alluded to, "ye'll know he's sick," "Wall," said Captain Sol, laughing, "I'll spin the yarn, and yaou kin go back on it if yaou kin.

I wanted to be treated like an Englishman once more just once more." "Don't worry. Take in a reef and go steady for a bit. The milk's spilt, but there are other meadows. . . ." Dicky waved an arm up the river, up towards the Soudan! The Lost One nodded, then his eyes blazed up and took on a hungry look. His voice suddenly came in a whisper. "Gordon was a white man.

His guest had not learned to like this, so for him he procured another cup, and brought it brimming with sweet milk which he had daringly taken from one of the many pans, quite as if he were at home in the place. "Milk's good for you," said Sharon. "Yes, sir," said Wilbur. "A regular food, as much as anything you want to name." "Yes, sir."

"This milk's absolutely boiling," complained Nan irritably. "I can't drink it." "Then undress first and drink it when you're in bed. I'll brush your hair for you." It goes without saying that Kitty had her way it was a very kind-hearted way and before long Nan was sipping her glass of milk and gratefully realising the illimitable comfort which a soft bed brings to weary limbs.