He had been well pleased and had accepted, but later had refused because of certain dictatorship exercised by the Board, which he felt infringed on his province of a suitable selection of subjects. He was silent for a moment. Again Mary had irrelevantly and abruptly changed the subject of conversation. Where was the connection between bees and lectures? "I really wish you would, dear," urged Mary.

And Whitredge says that Jake Botcher is talking reform." "I guess Botcher and Bascom know their business," said Mr. Vane. If Mr. Flint had been a less concentrated man, he might have observed that the Honourable Hilary had not cut a piece of Honey Dew this afternoon. "What is their business?" asked Mr. Flint a little irrelevantly for him. "What you and I taught 'em," said Mr. Vane. Mr.

She's done very well, and is an instructor in biology in one of the western universities." I was silent a moment. "And you, you never married, did you?" I inquired, somewhat irrelevantly. His semi-humorous gesture seemed to deny that such a luxury was for him. The conversation dragged a little; I began to feel the curiosity he invariably inspired. What was his life? What were his beliefs?

Inside they found comfortable chairs, a table and several books. "They seem to take pains to make it pleasant for a man about to die," remarked Colonel Anderson. "We should be able to spend a profitable day." "So we should," was the reply. "I wonder if Hal and Uncle John got through safely?" he remarked somewhat irrelevantly. "I guess we can bank on that," said the colonel.

"We may be poor, but we come of good stock, as your father says." "It'll be all right Mr. Ditmar will behave like a gentleman," Edward assured her. "I thought I ought to tell you about it," Janet said, "but you mustn't mention it, yet, not even to Lise. Lise will talk. Mr. Ditmar's very busy now, he hasn't made any plans." "I wish Lise could get married!" exclaimed Hannah, irrelevantly.

She disdained to reply, and sat coaxing the tendrils of her dark hair to obey the dainty discipline of her slender fingers. "I thought you weren't going to," she observed irrelevantly. But he seemed to know what she meant. "Don't you want me to even touch you for a year?" "It isn't a year. Months of it are over." "But in the months before us " "No." She picked up a book.

"I want to write the kind of ad," Jock was saying excitedly, "that you see 'em staring at in the subways, and street cars and L-trains. I want to sit across the aisle and watch their up-turned faces staring at that oblong, and reading it aloud to each other." "Isn't that an awfully obvious necktie you're wearing, Jock?" inquired his mother irrelevantly. "This? You ought to see some of them.

"Yes . . ." and Sylvie, to divert the cloud of embarrassment that seemed to be deepening rather than dispersing for them both, rang the bell with a pretty imperativeness that was rather startling to Aubrey's nerves. "What is that for?" he enquired irrelevantly. "Only for coffee!" Their eyes met, the mutual glance was irresistible, and they both laughed.

"To my own country." "America." "Yes." "It is very large," irrelevantly. "I remember of course, you are an American; I I have hardly realized it; we, we Australians are not so unlike you." "Perhaps," irrelevantly on his part, "because your country, also, is " "Big," said the girl. Her hands moved slightly. "Are are you going to remain there? In America, I mean?"

"D' you ever see this before?" she inquired irrelevantly, looking up with her eyes as she leaned over the handful. "Good for colds. Makes your nose feel all funny and prickly." She turned her hands over and began to drop the leaves one by one. Bennington caught himself watching her with fascinated interest in silence.