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"I got a rusted tea tray that polished into silver plate, a blackened vase that rubbed into burnished copper. I should not wonder if he had an Aladdin's lamp hidden somewhere in his dusty shelves." "Let us go look for it," said Polly, roused into gleeful interest. "Oh, I'd love to have Aladdin's lamp! Wouldn't you, Marraine?" "What would you wish for, Pollykins?" asked Marraine, softly.

I couldn't help it!" Lady Arabella made a gesture of despair. "I don't believe you could," she acknowledged helplessly. "I'm really beginning to have a sneaking sympathy with poor Hugh for shelving the responsibility of having brought you into the world. But at least you might refrain from baby-snatching!" she added wrathfully. Magda protested. "Marraine! You're abominable!

Even the two grandmammas, being really grandmammas at heart, softened to it, and dad declared gruffly it had been a fool business altogether, while Polly flung herself sobbing into her godmother's arms. "O Dan, poor Dan! He is the nicest boy I ever saw, the nicest and the kindest, Marraine! And now now he will never come back here any more!" "I don't think he will, Pollykins," was the low answer.

"You are so kind, dear Marraine," Tamara said. "But surely he must be very weak." "No, he is not weak; it is a dare-devil wild strain in him that seems as if it must out. He has a will of iron, and never breaks his word; only to get him to be serious, or give his word, is as yet an unaccomplished task.

"How queer you are! Have you brought bad news?" A sudden dread rushed through her. "It's not Marraine?" "No, no." He spoke hastily, answering the startled apprehension in her eyes. "It's not that." Her mind, alertly prescient, divined significance in the mere wording of the phrase. "Then there is something?" "Yes, there is something."

Magda turned to her suddenly, her affection for her godmother alertly apprehensive. "What do you mean?" she said anxiously. "You're you're not ill, Marraine?" "Ill? No. But I'm over seventy. And after seventy you've had your allotted span, you know. Anything beyond that's an extra. And whether fate gives me a bit more rope or not, I've nothing to grumble at.

"Marraine, he hit the puppy, and I've bought him for ten pounds; at least, Dad will send a cheque tonight. I've given him half-a-crown and my bracelet on account." "Call Hobson," said her grace to the bird, who, obeying, had shrilly piped, "Tumble up, men, tumble up," until Hobson the maid suddenly surged, from the second-class and ploughed her way through the delighted crowd.

One man in every woman's life is worth it. Only we don't always find it out in time." "Why, Marraine you don't mean you weren't ever " Lady Arabella rose suddenly and came across to where Magda stood by the fire, one narrow foot extended to the cheerful warmth. "Never mind what I mean," she said, and her voice sounded a little uncertain.

What a queer, quaint, wonderful place this Killykinick is! I am so glad you brought me here to help you!" Help them! Help them! Dan caught the world in breathless amazement. Then Miss Stella, Polly's Marraine, was the nurse!

Magda's brows drew together in a little troubled frown. "Marraine and Gillian will be frightfully worried and anxious," she said uneasily. It was significant of the gradual alteration in her outlook that this solicitude for others should have rushed first of anything to her lips. "Yes." He spoke with a curious abruptness. "Besides, that's not the only point. There's Mrs. Grundy."