Moreover, the fierce hunter, who stood like a huge giant in the door, had a voice in the matter; and therefore Jose Antonio had three minds to consult at one time. "It ain't Bob Linkin 'd infringe the rules of hospertality," said the hunter; "but this hyur's a peculiar case, an' I don't like the look of that 'ar priest, nohow yer kin fix it."

I returned to camp about five o'clock, and was surprised to see three of our men lugging across the "gant-lot" toward the cabin a small female bear. "Hyur's yer old nigger woman," shouted John. The hunters showed no elation in fact, they looked sheepish and I suspected a nigger in the woodpile. "How's this? I didn't hear any drive." "There wa'n't none." "Then where did you get your bear?"

"Ge-hosaphat! Hyur's a fellur ridin' 'ithout eyther saddle or bridle!" Five or six men with rifles sprang out from the rocks, surrounding me. "May an Injun eat me ef 'tain't the young fellur as tuk me for a grizzly! Billee! look hyur! hyur he is! the very fellur! He! he! he! He! he! he!" "Rube! Garey!" "What! By Jove, it's my friend Haller! Hurrah! Old fellow, don't you know me?" "Saint Vrain!"

Yur game to the toes, ain't 'ee?" "I am willing to fight to the last." "Wal, than, hyur's how, an' the only how: when they've raised the smoke so that they can't see us a-comin', we'll streak it out among 'em. You hev the pistol, an' kin go fo'most. Shoot every niggur that clutches at ye, an' run like blazes! I'll foller clost on yur heels.

The boy's white American white. Who ever seed a yeller-hided Mexikin with them eyes and ha'r? Jack, this hyur's Cap'n Haller. If yur kin iver save his life by givin' yur own, yur must do it, de ye hear?" "I will," said the boy resolutely. "Come, Lincoln," I interposed, "these conditions are not necessary. You remember I was in your debt." "Ain't worth mentioning Cap; let bygones be bygones!"

Paul Blecker stood silent a moment, and then covered the homely, kind face reverently. "I would as lief have seen a woman die," he said, and turned away. Two or three men came up, carrying others on a broken door and on a fence-board. "Hyur's th' Doctor," laying them on a hillock of grass. "Uh wish ye'd see toh these pore chaps, Doctor," with a strong Maryland accent.

From this I suspicioned him; but, gettin' a leetle closter, I seed his gun an' fixin's strapped to the saddle. So I tuk a sight, and whumelled him. The darned mustang got away with his traps. This hyur's the only thing worth takin' from his carcage: it wudn't do much harm to a grizzly b'ar." "Good heaven!"

"Hold on, Mark, boy," cried Ike, "hold on thur. Damn the varmint! hyur's his track, paddled like a sheep pen. Wagh, his den's hyur let me rout 'im." "Very wal, then," replied the other, "go ahead, old fellow I'll look to my side thu'll no bar pass me 'ithout getting a pill in his guts. Out wi' 'im!" We all sat in our saddles silent and watchful.

With eight gells well married, well married, Jane, deny it, ef you can, what can you know of my feelins this day? Hyur's Mahala's husband dead an' gone, did you say tea or coffee, Jane? Joseph Scofield, a good brother-in-law to me's lives, laid in the sod this day. You may well shake yer head! But who 'll take his place to me? Dode there's young an' 'll outgrow it.

"That wur one sukumstance in his favour. Wa'nt it?" "It wur! it wur!" "Wal, hyur's another. The Injun, 'ee see, shot his mark off o' the head. Now, this child's a-gwine to knock his'n off o' the tail. Kud yur Injun do that? Eh, boyees?" "No, no!" "Do that beat him, or do it not, then?" "It beats him!" "It does!" "Far better!" "Hooray!" vociferated several voices, amidst yells of laughter.