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Then for a few minutes Singh heaved and struggled, glaring the while into his companion's eyes, until, as if he had caught the contagion of the good-humoured smile in Glyn's frank young face, a change came over Singh's, and the fierce heaving gave way to a movement that was certainly the beginning of a laugh, followed by a good-humoured appeal. "Let me get up, Glyn.

But tell me once more, so that I may go away at rest: this is to be a private matter between us two?" "Yes, sir, of course," cried Glyn earnestly, and they separated. "Well, where is it?" said Singh, a few minutes later. "I couldn't find it," was Glyn's reply. "Here you had better take your keys."

There was a fresh jangling from below, exciting Glyn's curiosity almost to the highest pitch. "Look here, Singhy, if you don't get up directly and see what that noise is, I'll come and make you." "You do if you dare!" Glyn threw the clothes back, sprang out of bed, and the next moment the coverings of his companion were stripped off on to the floor. "Oh, you " snapped Singh.

The Doctor's words were drowned by the roar of laughter that arose from behind the wall, for Glyn's comment had been taken up quickly, and ran from end to end of the line, with the result that, like a chorus dominating their laughter, the boys joined in one insane shout of: "Trousers! trousers!"

Singh turned upon him quickly with an angry flash in his eyes, and he was about to burst out with some fierce retort; but in those brief moments it seemed to him that it was not Glyn's but the Colonel's masterful eyes that were gazing down into his, as, truth to tell, they had more than once looked down upon his father in some special crisis when in the cause of right the brave English officer had with a few words mastered the untutored Indian chief, and maintained his position as adviser as well as friend.

How I used in my retirement to detest the sight of those little shopkeepers when the doors of Glyn's Bank were swinging to and fro! I came home dead-beaten now, it is true, but it was a luxury to be dead-beaten, and I slept more soundly than I had ever slept in my life. In about six months my position improved a little.

"Gratitude and, power and self-control! * in nature I find there is a stronger force than all these things, and that is the touch of the one we love." Ambrosine. "One of Mrs. Glyn's most pungent tales of feminine idiosyncracy and caprice." Boston Transcript, Evangeline is a delightful heroine with glorious red hair and amazing eyes that looked a thousand unsaid challenges.

To the bully's utter astonishment, one of Glyn's hands only rose quick as lightning and had him by the throat. "You dare!" he cried. "Strike me if you dare! Yes, it would be a coward's blow. But if you do I won't answer for what will happen, for I shall forget what you have done, and and " "Here, Severn! Severn! What's the matter with you?" gasped Slegge excitedly. "I haven't done anything.

Here, steady, youngster!" he continued to the little fellow, "if you laugh like that you will have a fit." "Oh, I can't bear it! I can't bear it!" panted the little chap, and wrenching himself free from Glyn's grasp he rushed out at the well-house door, ten or a dozen of his comrades bounding up to him as he shouted, "Oh, come and look! come and look! Here it is!

Now let us return to the camp. It will be remembered that Colonel Glyn's force, accompanied by General Lord Chelmsford, had left at dawn. About eight o'clock a picket placed some 1,500 yards distant reported that Zulus were approaching from the north-east. This information was despatched by mounted messengers to Colonel Glyn's column.