Considher, Pether darlin', that the man who owned it last, feathered his nest well in it, but never called it a Hotill. Let it appear on the outside jist as your old customers used to see it; but improve it widin as much as you can, widout bein' lavish an it, or takin' up the place wid nonsense." "At all evints, I'll have a picture of the Liberator over the door, an' O'Connell' written under it.

She's a good colleen enough; but do you think she's above any one that carries the name of O'Toole upon him? Still, it's but raisonable for you to wish the girl well settled. My Phelim will have one half o' my worldly goods, at all evints." "Name them, Larry, if you plase." "Why, he'll have one o' the goats the gray one, for she's the best o' the two, in throth.

"For what? no, consumin' to the penny; you didn't earn it." "I did," said the fellow, "or at all evints attempted it. Ay, an' I must have it before I lave this house, an' what is more, you must lug out my share of the black's prog." "You'll get nothing of that," said Rody; "it was Nell here, not you, who took it."

At all, evints, the oath of secrecy must be taken, or woe be to him that will refuse that; he won't know the day, nor the hour, nor the minute, when he'll be made a spatch-cock of."

It's sing in the Latin; but sing or fwhistle, in my opinion, he that goes wid an empty purse seldom sings or fwhistl'es to a pleasant tune. Melancholy music I'd call it, an' wouldn't, may be, be much asthray al'ther Hem. At all evints, may none of this present congregation, whin at their devotions, ever sing or fwhistle to the same time! More power to you ha, ha, ha!

Yez know exactly where the doctor keeps it, an' ye might get at it a hape handier than I can." "Pourquoi, Barney? pecause, mon ami, I help pack les possibles of Monsieur le docteur. Pardieu! he would me suspect." "I don't see the raison clear. He may suspect ye at all evints. How thin?" "Ah! then, n'importe. I sall make von grand swear. No! I sall have ver clear conscience then."

"If you do, you may but remimber I didn't egg you on, or put it into your hearts, at all evints. Maybe I have a child myself livin' far from me an' when I think of him, I feel one touch of nature at my heart in favor of her still. I'm black enough there, as it is." "Make your mind asy," said one of them, "you won't have to answer for her." The reply which was given to this could not be heard.

"Ay," said Fardorougha, "his mother an' I's here, but where is he? Nine days from this; but it 'ill kill me it will it will. Whin he's taken from me, I don't care how soon I folly him; God forgive me if it's a sin to say so!" "Fardorougha," said his wife, in a tone of affectionate reproof, "remember what you promised me, an', at all evints, you forget that Mr.

"At all evints, I had to smack the book itself, and it's I, and Barney Green, and Tim Casserly, that did swear stiffly for Paddy, but the thing was too clear agin him. So he suffered, poor fellow, an' died right game, for he said over his dhrop ha, ha, ha! that he was as innocent o' the murder as a child unborn: an' so he was in one sinse, bein' afther gettin' absolution."

Think, Fardorougha, whether you acted a bad part towards God or not, and never heed us; an' think, too, dear, whether you acted a bad or a good part towards the poor, an' them that was in distress and hardship, an' that came to you for relief; they were your fellow-crathers, Fardorougha, at all evints. Think of these things I'm sayin, and never heed us.