The play was over. Maria Nikolaevna asked Sanin to put on her shawl and did not stir, while he wrapped the soft fabric round her really queenly shoulders. Then she took his arm, went out into the corridor, and almost cried out aloud. At the very door of the box Doenhof sprang up like some apparition; while behind his back she got a glimpse of the figure of the Wiesbaden critic.

The doors were slammed to, and Maria Nikolaevna exploded in a burst of laughter. 'What are you laughing at? Sanin inquired. 'Oh, excuse me, please ... but it struck me: what if Doenhof were to have another duel with you ... on my account.... wouldn't that be wonderful? 'Are you very great friends with him? Sanin asked. 'With him? that boy? He's one of my followers.

Sanin recollected too how he had later on oh, ignominy! sent the Polozovs' footman to Frankfort for his things, what cowardly terror he had felt, how he had had one thought only, to get away as soon as might be to Paris to Paris; how in obedience to Maria Nikolaevna, he had humoured and tried to please Ippolit Sidoritch and been amiable to Doenhof, on whose finger he noticed just such an iron ring as Maria Nikolaevna had given him!!! Then followed memories still worse, more ignominious ... the waiter hands him a visiting card, and on it is the name, 'Pantaleone Cippatola, court singer to His Highness the Duke of Modena! He hides from the old man, but cannot escape meeting him in the corridor, and a face of exasperation rises before him under an upstanding topknot of grey hair; the old eyes blaze like red-hot coals, and he hears menacing cries and curses: 'Maledizione! hears even the terrible words: 'Codardo!

A constrained silence followed.... No one moved. Pantaleone uttered a faint moan. 'Is it your wish to go on? said Doenhof. 'Why did you shoot in the air? inquired Sanin. 'That's nothing to do with you. 'Will you shoot in the air the second time? Sanin asked again. 'Possibly: I don't know. 'Excuse me, excuse me, gentlemen ... began von Richter; 'duellists have not the right to talk together.

Why are you staring at me? Doenhof roared suddenly at the literary man. He had to vent his feelings upon some one! 'Sehr gut! sehr gut! muttered the literary man, and shuffled off. Maria Nikolaevna's footman, waiting for her in the entrance, found her carriage in no time. She quickly took her seat in it; Sanin leapt in after her.

He promptly took a carriage and drove to the address, though why was this Von Doenhof certain to be that Doenhof, and why even was the right Doenhof likely to be able to tell him any news of the Roselli family? No matter, a drowning man catches at straws.

Sanin found the retired major von Doenhof at home, and in the grey-haired gentleman who received him he recognised at once his adversary of bygone days. Doenhof knew him too, and was positively delighted to see him; he recalled to him his young days, the escapades of his youth.

The debate between the seconds several times became stormy; it lasted over an hour, and was concluded at last on the following conditions: 'Baron von Doenhof and M. de Sanin to meet the next day at ten o'clock in a small wood near Hanau, at the distance of twenty paces; each to have the right to fire twice at a signal given by the seconds, the pistols to be single-triggered and not rifle-barrelled. Herr von Richter withdrew, and Pantaleone solemnly opened the bedroom door, and after communicating the result of their deliberations, cried again: 'Bravo Russo!

The young man was again on the point of jumping up from the table, but his companion again checked him, saying, 'Doenhof, be quiet! Doenhof, sit still. Then he got up himself, and putting his hand to the peak of his cap, with a certain shade of respectfulness in his voice and manner, told Sanin that to-morrow morning an officer of the regiment would have the honour of calling upon him.

Stammering and hesitating, he announced to Sanin in bad French that he had come with a message from his friend, Baron von Doenhof; that this message was to demand from Herr von Sanin an apology for the insulting expressions used by him on the previous day; and in case of refusal on the part of Herr von Sanin, Baron von Doenhof would ask for satisfaction.