There was Mordreth, who did little but portraits and "deaders" at that but who fancied he might come out reasonably strong on landscape and on architectural accessories if somebody would only give him a chance.

"Wish I could do the same, sir. I didn't mind those deaders in the light, but the dark's a different matter. Can't you hear them rattling their shanks and talking all round us?" "Certainly I do hear something," I answered, "but I think it must be the echo of our own voices." "Well, let us hold our jaw, sir, and perhaps they will hold theirs, for this kind of conversation ain't nice."

Also he had seen them carry six of their number off the field, three of which, he said, were deaders. From time to time, during the morning of that first day, we observed clouds of dust that advertised the movements of considerable bodies of mounted men. These clouds of dust came toward us, hemming us in on all sides. But we saw no living creature. One cloud of dirt only moved away from us.

He'll be made commodore of the fleet after he pulls the Kansas out of this mess." "What happened to the Florida?" "Haven't you heard that yarn? Bless my soul, she was our crack ship. She broke her shaft in a gale, an' the skipper was washed overboard you always tell lies about deaders, you know so A. C. just waded in an' saved the whole outfit, passengers an' all." "But he has had reverses, too.

The men, I suppose, would have badgered him until midnight, for Terry had begun a story of a negro who'd been sent to rob a grave and found the dead man not quite dead. But I declared that we'd had enough of horrors and declined to hear anything more about either ghosts or deaders. I was, in fact, getting just a wee bit creepy along the nerve-ends myself.

"Well," said he, "they was so glad that the other part of the deader had gone to heaven that they didn't care WHAT I said. Ev'rybody's glad when the other parts of deaders go to heaven. Papa told me to be glad that dear little Phillie was in heaven, an' I WAS, but I do want to see him again awful."

"I think it had better be grand-dad," said the Heir-to-Empire gravely, "'cos my father isn't dead yet, and they must be deaders, you know, if they are really to help." "And we'll take the little summer room at the very top of the house, Mirak, so's we'll be able to stop him on his way down, 'case any one else has got a platter for him," said Bija the practical.

Markley, baffled, turned with a red face toward Geisler. "It's all right for you to talk," he said in an aggrieved tone, "but we are all young fellows. We have our careers in front of us. We want to make something of ourselves " "Ach!" broke out the German explosively, waving his pipe about angrily, "make deaders of yourselfs. Dot is vot you shouldt do. Go on. Dere are your pay checks.

When the procession had fairly passed the house I released the boys and heard two prolonged howls for my pains. Then I asked Budge if he wasn't ashamed to talk that way when a funeral was passing. "'TWASN'T a funeral," said he. "'Twas only a deader, an' deaders can't hear nothin'." "But the people in the carriages could," said I.

He was a formidable man, whose beard licked the table while he wrote, and he wore something like a brown blanket, with a rope tied round it at the middle. Even more uncanny than himself were three busts on a shelf, which Tommy took to be deaders, and he feared the blanket might blow open and show that the man also ended at the waist. "This is the boy, dear," the lady said.