"I 'm go'n' to kerry y' home," said Abel; "'T' th' ol Doctor, he's got a gre't cur'osity t' see ye. Jes' step along naow, off that way, will ye? 'n' I Ill hol' on t' th' bridle, f' fear y' sh'd run away." He took hold of the leather thong, but found that it was fastened at the other end to the saddle. This was too much for Abel. "Wal, naow, yeou be a pooty chap to hev raound!

The vicarage was full of suppressed excitement, the maids whispered softly together, and came creeping in at intervals to look at the beautiful child, who still clasped the little clog in her hands. "Yonder's a queer little shoe, mum," said the cook, "quite a cur'osity." "I think it's a sort of toy," replied Mrs Vallance, for she had never been to the north of England and had never seen a clog.

I'm in dead earnest; if you try to worm anything more out o' me, I'll screech; and so I was goin' to bring your horse home, Gilbert, and have a talk with your mother, but you've made me mortal weak betwixt and between you; and I'll ride back with Martha, by your leave, and you may send Sam right away for the horse. No; let Sam come now, and walk alongside, to save me from Martha's cur'osity."

He addresses 'em a whole lot on the enormity of downin' Apaches who goes prowlin' about an' scarin' up your mules at midnight, in what this yere witless agent calls a 'motif of childish cur'osity, an' he winds up the powwow with demandin' the surrender of the 'hom'cide. "'Surrender nothin'! says Captain Moon.

There was an enigma in the rejoinder; she did not stay to read the riddle, but went on to possess the situation, according to her wont. "Ye hev tuk a powerful pore place ter hide," she admonished him. "This tree is a plumb cur'osity. Gran'dad Kettison war tellin' some camp-hunters 'bout'n it jes this evenin'. Like ez not they'll kem ter view it."

"Shut up, and mind yore own business," answered the virago, swiftly turning the barrel of her weapon upon me. "Whut business is this here of yores?" "None, madam," I bowed, "but I was only curious." "You keep your own cur'osity to yourself ef you'r goin' to travel in these parts. That's a mighty good thing for you to learn."

Now, Mary, I know as plain as if you 'd said it, that there's somethin' on your mind, and you dunno whether to share it with me or not. What I say is, don't hurry yourself; I 'd rather show fellow- feelin' than cur'osity; so, see your way clear first, and when the tellin' me anything can help, tell it not before." "It wouldn't help now," Mary Potter responded. "Wouldn't help now. Then wait awhile.

Leastwise, it won't cost much. I ain't sartin," repeated the Captain as though in meditation, "but I think she'll come." "Who?" "Don't let your cur'osity get away with you, young feller. I ain't promising nothing, but I'm just thinking, that's all. How'd you like to cruise round the P'int to-morrow, Mack?" "You have a delightful way of changing the subject when it gets too hot.

"Bowers, you surprise me!" She regarded him quizzically. Bowers started guiltily. "Aw it's one they sent me," he said disparagingly "jest a sample copy." "Bowers, I think you're lying," she accused him good-humoredly. "Tell me the truth didn't you send for it?" He squirmed and colored. "I did write to 'em out of cur'osity."

Tresler asked, watching the little man's twisted face as he munched his tobacco. "What's to be done? Wal, I don't rightly know. Say, what wus you doin' around that house? I ain't askin' fer cur'osity. Ye see, if you got tellin' Jake as you wus round ther', it's likely he'd git real mad. Y' see, Jake's dead sweet on Miss Dianny. It gives him the needle that I'm around that house.