Mulvaney climbed on to the refreshment-bar, settled himself comfortably by the beer, and went on, "Whin the row was at ut's foinest an' B Comp'ny was fur goin' out to murther this man Thrigg on the p'rade-groun', Learoyd here takes up his helmut an' sez fwhat was ut ye said?" "Ah said," said Learoyd, "gie us t' brass.

But what's a feller goin' to do for company? Go on; it's your deal." "Who kyeers fer th' deal? I d on't. Now, Joe, I says, t to th' ole lady, y' see, I says, a young man can't live up a dingy stairs on th' top floor al'ays, and never git no comp'ny. Can't do it. I don't want t' 'rink much, but I c ome here to git comp'ny.

No doubt ye have been referred to me for details iv the disturbin' rumours. Well, it's this wa-ay: I am in the service iv the comp'ny, and I dhraw me pay wid regularity, praise be, so that I w'u'd not for a moment think of questionin' the wisdom iv the policy iv me superiors " "That's right don't!" snapped Farwell. "Now, get me those telegrams, if there are any, and tell me what I want to know."

As he polished his bald spot, his glance traveled from the stove to the table, and thence to Lorry, and he nodded approval. "Looks like you was expectin' comp'ny," he said, smiling. "Yep. And chuck's about ready." "So am I," said Bud, rubbing his hands. "I'm Adams, from Stacey." "That don't make me mad," said Bud. "How's things over to your town?" "All right, I guess. Mr. Torrance "

I know if I was keepin' comp'ny or you was, La-viny " His sister started. "What makes you say that?" she demanded, looking quickly up from her rubbing. "Why, nothin'. Only if I was or you was, somebody'd see somethin' suspicious and kind of drop a hint, and " "Better for them if they 'tended to their own affairs," was the sharp answer.

The Officer Commanding could not well refuse; for Benira was a Lord. There was an indignation-meeting of subalterns in the Mess Room, to call the Colonel pet names. "But the rale dimonstrashin," said Mulvaney, "was in B Comp'ny barrick; we three headin' it."

If she had it was an artistic job just a faint rose-leaf tint under the eyes. And I had to admit that the whole effect was some stunnin'. Course, she's more or less surprised to see all the comp'ny, but Vee soon explains how we've come to hear about Brother Jim and she shakes hands real friendly. "I suppose you are working somewhere?" suggests Vee. Mame nods.

So, I says, 'he scratched 'round an' got a lot o' traps an' set 'em, an' the very next mornin' he went out an' found he'd ketched an ole he-one president of the comp'ny. So he went to git his gun to shoot the critter, an' found he hadn't got no powder.

Benson, however, was not to be deterred and addressed the rest: "This gentleman old friend of mine; never agreed with solemn old Colonel, but they wouldn't listen to me. Very black night in India; ghazees coming yelling up the hill; nothing would stop them. Rifles cracking, Nepalese comp'ny busy with the bayonet, and in the thick of it the bugle goes "

She watched the busy carvers for some minutes, then went down to Violet's apartments in search of her. She found no one there but Agnes busied in putting away some clean clothes, fresh from the iron. "Where's mamma?" asked the little girl. "In de drawin'-room, Miss Gracie. Comp'ny dar." "Oh, dear!" sighed Gracie, "I just wanted her to talk to me."