It is thrue I'm a good king, says he, 'and I 'commodate the people by havin' sates for them to sit down and enjoy the raycreation and contimplation of seein' me here, lookin' out a' my dhrawin'-room windy, for divarshin; but that is no rayson they are to make a hotel o' the place, and come and sleep here. Who is it at all? says the king. 'Not a one o' me knows, plaze your majesty.

Ugly made at him again fiercer than ever, but I caught him in time and held him. "Wat will you 'ab, sir?" asked Clump in a dignified voice. "What will I have, ay? I'll have that cur's life if he comes at me agin, and I want to know, old nigger, if," here the rough customer spit some tobacco-juice on the floor "I want to know if you kin 'commodate four or five gents for the night, ay?"

Having been duly ushered into the "best room," he embellished for her benefit the story already told to the husband. "I think I kin 'commodate yeou," she broke forth, "but yeou'll have to pay putty well for't. Laws me, I'm told and I've ways o' heerin' 'bout these things that the deetecters are jest as likely as not to come a-swoopin' deown enny minnit.

"'Fraid I can't 'commodate ye; got to go down to widow Jenkins's with my wood. Gee, Buck! Haw, Barry!" said the farmer, as he started on. "Rich, why don't ye pull it up yourself," said an apprentice. "Better get an axe and chop it down, if it's such an eyesore to ye," said another. "Get a crowbar and dig it up. A little exercise will be good for ye," said a third.

"Engaged for to-day?" he demanded of the young fellow who was occupied in bailing out the craft. The man glanced up at Stubbs and then turned his attention to Wilson. "My friend," went on Stubbs, "I want to get a little fishin' 'fore dark. Will you 'commodate me?" "Get in, then," growled the owner. He helped Stubbs lower the bag into the stern, with the question, "Any more to your party?"

"Mine," said Box Izard, "is a regulation pen-knife, contributed by the United States, with the regret, Beau, that I can't 'commodate you with a pine coffin for you to git into and git away down lower than you ever been." "Yaw's a dollar," said Pontotoc Bibb; "it'll do for me an' Lowndes Cleburn, who's a poet and genius, and never has no money. This buys me off, Beau, for a month."

Ye may like work better nor play, but I like play better nor work; that'll 'commodate ye it laves ye th' more to do." With this exit speech, which he considered effective, Wiry Ben shouldered his basket and left the workshop, quickly followed by Mum Taft and Sandy Jim. Seth lingered, and looked wistfully at Adam, as if he expected him to say something.

"I don't want very much," said John; "just a bit of steak, and some stewed potatoes, and a couple of boiled eggs, and some coffee." He might have heard the sound of a slap in the direction of one of the sitters. "I'm 'fraid I can't 'commodate ye fur's the steak an' things goes," confessed the landlord. "We don't do much cookin' after dinner, an' I reckon the fire's out anyway.

"That would have been a good idea, but, you see, Nimbus, the law didn't go that far." "Wal, hit ought ter hev gone dat fur. Now, Mister Clerk, couldn't you jes' put dat on dis yer paper, jes' ter "commodate me, yer know." "Perhaps so," good-naturedly, taking back the certificate; "what do you want me to write?" "Wal, yer see, dese yer is our chillen.

Look here, boys, you just tell your dad, when you see him, that he has got a foolish, consequential nigger and a mean, tumbledown affair of a hut, if it can't 'commodate some poor sailors. Howsumever, I'll go back to my lugger, and bad luck to your mansion! Old nig, look 'er here perhaps we'll see each other again." He looked slowly all round the room, and went out, slamming the doors after him.