Percival Pellew walked slowly in the opposite direction in a brown study, leaving his thumbs in his armholes, and playing la ci darem with his fingers on his waistcoat. He played it twice or thrice before he stopped to knock a phenomenal ash off his cigar. Then he spoke, and what he said was "Pooh!" The story does not know why he said "Pooh!"

"I will finish reading," said Frowenfeld, quickly, not caring to understand the passionate speech. "Ah, Palmyre! Palmyre! What you love and hope to love you because his heart keep itself free, he is loving another!" "Qui ci ça, Miché?" Frowenfeld was loth to repeat. She had understood, as her face showed; but she dared not believe.

That is my whole history the history of the ci- devant milliner Caroline Peters, the future horseman Charles Petersen." "What!" ejaculated Leonora, in amazement. "You intend to enlist in the cavalry?" "If they will accept me. I am well versed in horsemanship, for when my father was still living I rode out with him every day.

State archives of Modena. Documents in the State archives of Florence, among the papers regarding Urbino. CI. I. Div. C. Fil. xiv. In 1534 Giulia Varano married Guidobaldo II of Urbino and brought him Camerino, which, however, he was compelled to relinquish in 1539 to Paul III, who gave it to his nephew Octavio Farnese. Copia di una lettera da Roma di 19 Novembre, 1547. State archives of Modena.

Those grounds, which so long lay a reproach to the national taste and liberality, are now fast becoming beautiful, are already exceedingly pretty, and give to a structure that is destined to become historical, having already associated with it the names of Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, and Quincy Adams, together with the ci polloi of the later Presidents, an entourage that is suitable to its past recollections and its present purposes.

With downcast eyes the anxious adventurer wandered along the corridor in the dimly-lighted second story. It was the turning point of his career. There was the rapid rustle of silk, the patter of gliding feet, a warm, trembling hand seized his own, and in the darkness of a window recess he was aware that he was suddenly made the prize of the fair corsair ci la Houbigant. "Quick, quick, tell me!

D. Francisco Xmarez, the ancient archivero, as the letter of Alonso Davilla addressed from Rochelle to the emperor. The hand writing is most difficult to make out. The amounts marked CII may intend coo, and CI two CO. The French vessels of war which cruise the sea of Spain as far as Andalusia, of which Jn. Florin le Diepa is captain.

"Not at all," replied the rector, and left the house, the occupants of which had already returned to the daily round of their lives: the rattle of dishes and the noise of voices were heard in the 'ci devant' parlour, and on the steps he met the little waif with the pitcher of beer; in the street the boys who had gathered around the ambulance were playing baseball.

No personal merit, no nobility of character, no age, no youth, could hope to escape the death-instrument of the revolution when a noble name stood up as accuser. Before this accuser every service was considered as nothing; it was enough to be an aristocrat, a ci- devant, to be suspected, to be dragged as a criminal before the tribunal of the revolution, and to be condemned.

Since then the parallelogram Ki is that which touches all these spheroids, this same parallelogram will be precisely the continuation of the wave COoc in the crystal, when Oo has arrived at Kk, because it forms the termination of the movement and because of the quantity of movement which occurs more there than anywhere else: and thus it appears that the piece C of the wave COoc has its continuation at I; that is to say, that the ray RC is refracted as CI.