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It is not often realized what a purgatory the educated, independent man who enlists as a private has to go through before his spirit is tamed sufficiently to stand bossing, without resentment, by men socially and educationally inferior. There was a young officer who called me over one day and told me to clean his boots.

But in the mean time we need specific doses, right at home, in every community, early and often. That's what we ought to be tending to to-night, here in Marion. If every city and town does the same thing, the country at large won't have to worry." Senator Corson kept his anxious gaze on the private door. "Well, let's have it, Morrison! You seem to be bossing matters, just as you threatened to do.

You needn't think I'm going to let you beat yourself out of the championship. Not so any one could notice it. Hop out, sir." He rose, smiling ruefully. "You certainly are one bossy kid." "I'd say you need bossing when you start to act so foolish," she retorted, flushing. "See you later," he called to her by way of good-bye.

Brown and Molly felt very sorry for Polly. "He is such a sad little fellow," said Molly, "and he is very kind and good and takes Jo's teasing and bossing so patiently. He is really sincere about his art, and just because we can't see his way, we ought not to laugh at him. I believe Jo likes him a lot more than she knows she does. It nearly kills her for him to make himself ridiculous.

And still there was no bossing, no giving orders, no high hand of authority. Perhaps there was no trick. "Ah!" Tim told himself, "there must be. Why did he shift me here? Why didn't he let me stay with Alex? There's a reason, all right." And so, whenever he and Don were together, on the baseball field or in Don's yard, he found himself weighing every word and act.

She walked away from the table and went to a door that led to another room, standing in the opening and looking back at Calumet, who still sat at the table, speechless with surprise. "Go out and begin your bossing!" she jeered. "Very likely the buildings will begin to dance around at your bidding.

I hope he gives Noaks a jolly good 'impot. That chap is a cad," continued the speaker, as they hurried back towards The Birches: "when he can't do anything else, he chucks stones like he did to-night. The wonder is he hasn't killed some one before now. I don't see how it's possible for the Philistines to show up well when they've got a chap like him bossing the show."

"I'm much more selfish than I let on, and I'm worldly a little more than you think, anyhow. I like bossing things perhaps that's my greatest fault. I've none of your passion for " here she hesitated, and glanced at him, as if to ascertain what his passion was for "for the truth," she added, as if she had found what she sought indisputably. "I've told you I'm a liar," Ralph repeated obstinately.

"We did not see Grandfather again that Summer, so early last Spring I went to visit my colony, and there was my friend, bossing things as usual. But his back was crooked and he had to walk with a lame twist, so I suppose that lion injured his backbone. "I made a queer sound and he listened. He recognized me and swam over to thump his tail on the ground in front of my rock.

"Yet, if I had first served my time as seaman apprentice before being appointed to Annapolis, I might be up on that bridge now, instead of standing supinely by while one seaman apprentice does the navigating and another the bossing." "There is that man again. I'm afraid of him, Billie. All the others, except Forsythe, have been civil to me; but he looks at me so so hatefully."