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Yonder stands August Bordine," and the criminal pointed toward the widow's son. And then, with a wailing cry, poor Rose reeled and sank fainting to the arms of Mrs. Bordine. At this moment the officer snapped a pair of handcuffs over the wrists of Barkswell, thus securing him. However, the officers seemed puzzled, and stared at August as if undecided what course to pursue.

She found Victoria reading a letter from you, and in a fit of insane jealousy she stole upon and drove this dagger into her throat. Last night the poor woman died penitent, and made a full confession before two witnesses." "If this is true, then we cannot detain the prisoner," said one of the officers. "Release me at once," demanded Barkswell. "Not so," cried Shanks.

Ef't hadn't been fur me Sile Keene wouldn't a went under," uttered the helpless tramp, pleadingly. There was no mercy in the heart of Andrew Barkswell, however. Jounce knew too much and was disposed to be dangerous, so he did not scruple to put him out of the way. "Not a word, scoundrel," growled Barkswell, and with the words he drew a clasp knife from an inner pocket.

"Do you know a family by the name of Barkswell?" "Never heard of 'em." "Are you sure?" "Well, I'm not given to telling wrong stories, Mr. Keene. Why should I? Our family was never ashamed of its name " "No, certainly not; but I knew the Barkswells, and I thought you might have forgotten. I am from York State myself." "Glad to hear it. I think I heard August speak of you.

"That isn't my name." "You have a dozen. I know you, however, as the forger, Andrew Barkswell." "Well, I suppose I may's well come." He was going in without resistance. The Yankee was keen, but he failed to notice the movement of the woman. Of a sudden she sprang forward behind the Yankee, and flung her arms about him, pinioning his arms for an instant.

"Wal, I swar, that are's cool." Nevertheless the tramp departed. At the bar he swallowed a huge glass of brandy, and then passed upon the street. From this it will be seen that Billy Bowlegs was in league with the notorious scoundrel who is known to the reader as Andrew Barkswell. This, it will be remembered, was on the same night that the robbery was committed at the Alstine mansion.

"There's a little mistake it seems," he muttered. Just then a man stepped from a clump of bushes near and touched the hunter's arm. He halted and turned about quickly. "Andrew Barkswell, I'm glad to meet you." It was Perry Jounce, the tramp, who uttered the words. When the Yankee crept in upon his prey he felt sure of securing him. There's many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip, however.

With the exclamation, Barkswell leaped with the fury of a tiger at the throat of the stalwart tramp. The hour had come for a complete triumph or none. "Murder!" This was the cry that escaped the lips of the wounded tramp. Well might he give utterance to the cry. There was murder gleaming in the lurid eyes of the villain, Barkswell.

Iris and her brother entered t spread out his wares. He talked glibly, but was such a repulsive-looking personage as to render his long stay objectionable. In order to be rid of him Mrs. Barkswell made a small purchase, after which, finding that he could sell nothing further, the peddler thrust his wares back into the tin box and shuffled out of the room.

Once more the peddler shook the hand of Mr. Barkswell, and then shuffled away. As he passed through the gate a bit of paper fluttered to the ground from one of the peddler's pockets. After the queer fellow's departure Barkswell secured the paper and could scarcely repress an exclamation as he read the lines it contained. A young man ran up the steps at the Alstine mansion and rang the bell.