He commanded his soul to Him that made an' keepit him; 'and O Lord, said he, 'give me strength this night to war against the powers of evil. By this time the foot was comin' through the passage for the door; he could hear a hand skirt alang the wa', as if the fearsome thing was feelin' for its way.

Then, whan we were snug aboard the vessel, guidness only kens hoo mony miles we went afore we cam' fornenst the city o' Halifax, for we were three days on the michty ocean, at the mercy o' ony storm that micht come alang unawares.

"But, oh! bide to eat a mouthfu'," entreated the affectionate housekeeper, "and I'll mak it ready for you as I used to do afore thae sad days," "It is impossible," answered Morton. "Cuddie, get our horses ready." "They're just eating their corn," answered the attendant. "Cuddie!" exclaimed Ailie; "what garr'd ye bring that ill-faur'd, unlucky loon alang wi' ye?

"'Well, I's gannin thy ways, says t' lad, 'so, if thou likes, thou can coom alang wi' me. Thou'll happen not have seen me afore, but I can tell who thou is by t' way thou favvours thy mother. Thou'll have heerd tell o' thy uncle, Ned Bowker, that lives ower by Sally Abbey; he's my father, so I reckon thou an' me's cousins.

It was wi' Joey deein' sae sudden, an' I took on sae terrible aboot 'im 'at I thocht all alang the Lord would gie me another laddie." "Ay, I wanted 'im to be a laddie mysel," said Hendry, "so as he could tak Joey's place." Jess's head jerked back involuntarily, and Jamie may have felt her hand shake, for he said in a voice out of Hendry's hearing "I never took Joey's place wi' ye, mother."

To gie her her due, she's cracky, and as for her being a cuttie, you've said yoursel, Mr. Dishart, that we're all desperately wicked, But we're sair tried. Has it ever struck you that the trouts bites best on the Sabbath? God's critturs tempting decent men." "Come alang," cried the Tilliedrum man, impatiently. "I'm coming, but I maun give Mr. Dishart permission to pass first. Hae you heard, Mr.

'A' doun alang the Canongate Were beaux o' ilk degree; And mony ane turned round to look At bonny Mally Lee. And we're a' gaun east an' west, We're a' gaun agee, We're a' gaun east an' west Courtin' Mally Lee! Every corner bristles with memories.

"I gaed alang to Mistress MacMorrine's, an' says I, 'Guid-mornin' till ye, mistress, an' hoo's a' wi' ye the day? for I'm a ceevil chiel when folks are ceevil to me." "'Nane the better for seein' you, Jock Gordon, says she, for she's an unceevil wife, wi' nae mair mainners nor gin she had just come ower frae Donnachadee the ill-mainnered randy.

'Come, come, Ericson, none o' your nonsense! said one of his fellows. 'Ye ken yer feet are sae blistered ye can hardly put ane by the ither. It was a' we cud du, mem, to get him alang the last mile. 'That s' be my business, than, concluded Miss Letty. She left the room, and returning in a few minutes, said, as a matter of course, but with authority, 'Mr. Ericson, ye maun come wi' me.

"They're both good lads," the Scotchman summed up, and passed to his second bit of news. "Onistah and Stokimatis are in frae the Blackfoot country. They stoppit at the store, but they'll be alang presently. I had a word wi' Onistah. We'll wait for him here." "Did he say what he'd found out?" Jessie cried. "Only that he had brought back the truth. That'll be the lad knockin' at the door."