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Go to her, take her by the two cheeks, kiss her, say to her 'addio, addio, for, by the thunder of heaven! you will never see her more." Luigi was rocked forward and back, while Barto spoke in level tones, till the voice dropped into its vast hollow, when Barto held him fast a moment, and hurled him away by the simple lifting of his hand. The woman appeared and bound Luigi's eyes.

Whatever you know of this, pray tell me; and say whose wife not Sir Robert Ridware's, I hope; that would be so illiberal, and so unnecessary! I hate monopolies; and, moreover, I have always admired, the example of the poet Thomson, who ate his peaches off the tree. Forgive this pedantry, and any other sins in my letter; or if you are to scold me, let it be in person. Addio! fair lady.

At this moment Du Meresq, whistling 'Ah, che la morte, burst into the room. "Cecil here, all in the dark? Light a candle, there's a good girl, I want my cigar case. I'm awfully late". "Who is the Leonore you are whistling addio to?" said she complying. "I don't know, the air is running in my head." "I thought it might be Bluebell, she is going to-morrow."

He sings to us in the evenings after dinner, "La Campana di San Ginsto" and "Addio, mia bell', addio" and choice stornetti, and "Come to Ferrara with me," a cheerful song of his own composing, set to a music-hall tune which was famous three years ago, and "We'll all go a-hunting to-day," an old song with a superb chorus. And so the days pass, one very like another.

The three 'addios' which you will have heard ere this from the Canale, signify that the prince has reached his gondola, and is safe. Also that Mademoiselle Victorine, my accomplice, has fled. You gave her ten ducats for each betrayal of her mistress; we offered two thousand sequins, and of course she betrayed you. Addio!" To describe the fury of the marquis would be impossible.

Well, dearest, this letter a very unhandsome return, I own, for yours must content you at present, for they will not let me write more; though, so far as I am concerned, I am never so weak, in frame I mean, but what I could scribble to you about him. Addio, carissima.

Norvin will remain here while Ricardo and I complete the arrangements. I tell you it will be a celebration to awaken the countryside. For an hour then, addio!" He touched his lips to Margherita's fingers and, bowing to her aunt, ran down the steps. "Some gadfly stings him," said the Donna Teresa, fondly. "He is like a child; he cannot remain seated. He comes, he goes, like the wind.

He held his hands out, with the light soft smile of one who asks forgiveness for flippant speech, and concluded firmly: "I have talked enough, and you are the man of sense I thought you; for to give me advice is childish when no power on earth could make me follow it. Addio! Kiss me." They embraced.

I shall go and read them now, and then come and talk again. Addio, Giovanni." "Good-by, Miss." Thus ended the first interview of little Pyramus and Thisbe through the hole in the wall, while puss sat up above and played moonshine with her yellow eyes.

"Madonna, do not overestimate my powers," I besought her. "I would have you see in me no more than I am. But it sometimes happens that the mouse may aid the lion." "And when I need the lion to aid the mouse, my good Lazzaro, I will send for you." There were tears in her voice, and her eyes were very bright. "Addio, Lazzaro," she murmured brokenly. "May God and His saints protect you.