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Papadopoulos sang out in breathless delight: "If I am the King of Cats, you, Carissima, are the Queen. Nay, more, you are the Goddess!" Lola Brandt laughed. I did not. It was uncanny. It seemed as if some mysterious freemasonic affinity existed between her and the evil beast. During her drive hither she had entered my own atmosphere. She had been the handsome, unconventional woman of the world.

So saying, Madame, with a fan outstretched before her like a palm-leaf, moved towards the door; but Cynthia intercepted her. "Madame, do not go!" she cried. "Indeed I am sorry! Do not make Mr. Lepel think that I have been behaving so like a petted child. I will do what you wish henceforward I will indeed! Do not go, or I shall think that you are angry with me!" "Angry with you, carissima?

"Thank you, Beatrice carissima," answered her mother with a sigh and a gentle smile. "It will make life so much easier."

Once she heard carissima, a moment afterwards amore. Then the poison in which the tip of this last arrow had been curiously steeped began its work in her. The quivering creature hidden within her cowered, shrank, put up trembling hands, cried out, "I cannot endure this thing. I do not know how to. I have never learnt the way. This is impossible for me.

This remarkable figure was standing before the picture like one enraptured: he raised himself on tiptoe; he stooped down till he became quite small; then he jumped up with both feet at once, heaved deep sighs, groaned, nipped his eyes so close together that the tears began to trickle down his cheeks, opened them wide again, fixed his gaze immovably upon the charming Magdalene, sighed again, lisped in a thin, querulous, mutilated voice, "Ah! carissima benedettissima!

"Carissima!" he whispered, almost under his breath. Her little air of pride, as of a travelled person, enchanted him, even touched him, he scarcely knew why, as he had never been enchanted or touched by any London beauty. "I wish I had been at the fair with you. I would have given you " "What, signorino?" she interrupted, eagerly.

A look of terror came into Nina's eyes, and the young contessa darted her a swift returning glance of comprehension. "Listen, carissima," she said, "I am your friend, therefore don't look so frightened you are a regular baby! The situation is not difficult to read. Obviously there was a scene between you, the thick duke, and the agile Giovanni.

At last he stopped, and drawing a chair near the window perched on it with a little hop like a child. He held out his hand. "Do you believe I am your friend?" "I am sure of it, my dear Professor." "Then I'll betray a sacred confidence. The carissima signora loves you. You didn't know it. But she loves you." I stared for a moment at the dwarf as if he had been a reasonable being.

Nay, do not be alarmed, carissima, the danger is certainly not immediate; you will have ample time to rise and dress at your leisure." "Oho!" thought I. "Danger, eh? It is time for me to be making a muster."

Phantoms float before me at night, and a fluttering like the wing of a bird within my heart seems as if the spirit were terrified, and would break its cage." While murmuring these incoherent rhapsodies, a step that she did not hear approached the actress, and a light hand touched her arm. "Isabella! carissima! Isabella!" She turned, and saw Glyndon.