By the time Shorty had him ready, the Hen come a-hustling up having finished settling things with Santa and sung out to him to get a move on, or likely the lion would a-had his drink and gone. The move he got wasn't much of a one; but he did come a-creeping out of the car at last, and having such a load of weepons on him as give him some excuse for going slow.

"There's a whole fleet o' dhows a-creeping up under the lee of the land and running before the wind to the north'ard, sir!" This stopped Mr Dabchick's yawns and made him open his sleepy eyes pretty wide, I can tell you!

"I feel a sort of draught a-creeping up my legs as it is." The door was shut. "You can't be too careful," said the red-faced woman; "we never know what a chill mayn't bring forth. My cousin's sister-in-law, she had twins, and her aunt come in and says she, 'You're a bit stuffy here, ain't you? and with that she opens the window a crack, not meaning no harm, Miss, as it might be you.

If you go towards the trees, they come to meet you; if you go backwards, they go back; but you can't sit down and sit still without they'll come a-creeping up and creeping up, and crowding in' "He stirred his 'dope' awhile, and then he struck another note.

Then she added, "Less unendurable than profiting by a-creeping up in the dark." I thought I understood her better than she understood herself. And suddenly my passion melted in a tenderness I would have said was as foreign to me as rain to a desert. I noticed that she had a haggard look. "You are very tired, child," said I. "Good night. I am a different man from what I was when I came in here."

"Now for the last," said Katy. "The word is 'Buckwheat, and the question, 'What is the origin of dreams?" When the nuns are sweetly sleeping, Mrs. Nipson comes a-creeping, Creeping like a kitty-cat from door to door; And she listens to their slumbers, And most carefully she numbers, Counting for every nun a nunlet snore!

Maybe they comes in nothing but a nightshirt, but I ain't ever knowed YOU to think of nothing yet, that I hadn't entertained in some fashion. Of course, civilization is a-creeping up to the mountain, and I reckon by the time Lahoma is my age it'll be playing an organ in church. But she's at the age that calls for quick work she's got the rest of her life to settle down in.

It was Colonel Sneekins's intention totally to disregard Mr. Ruse's plea for rest from official cares, and as he now from behind the wings contemplated the great crowd that was surging into the Cooper Union, he rubbed his hands and gleamed his teeth with such intensity of emotion that the Rev. Dr. Lillipad Froth, who was standing near by, felt his flesh a-creeping.

You stop here to pinch and toil and care, and quarrel one of another, and starve your children through having nothing to give 'em, when you might go out there to ease, to love, to peace, to plenty. It's a charming city; what else should it be called the City of the Saints for? The houses have shady veranders round 'em, with sweet shrubs a-creeping up, and white posts and pillows to lean against.

There's the poor woman that's lost, say, and wandering in the dark, but with her tired eyes lifted up to the kindly stars; so she struggles on awhile, but by an' by come storm clouds an' one by one the stars go out till only one remains, a little twinkling light that is for her the very light of Hope itself an' presently that winks an' goes, an' with it goes Hope as well, an' she poor helpless, weary soul comes a-creeping into some quiet place like this, an' presently only her poor, bruised body lies here, for the soul of her flies away up an' up a-singing an' a-carolling back to the stars!"