Money? do you happen to want any money? I will send a blank cheque tomorrow. I have sufficient for both of us. I shall tell the landlady to order your Christmas dinner. How about wine? There is champagne, I know, and bottled ale. Sherry? I'll drop a letter to my wine-merchant; I think the sherry's running dry."

De Vayne drank it out of politeness, and Bruce repeated the same process soon after. "Come, De Vayne, no heel-taps," he said playfully, as he filled his glass for him. "Thank you, I'd really rather not have any more." "Why, you must have been lending your ears to "`Those budge doctors of the Stoic fur, Praising the lean and sallow abstinence; "You take nothing. I shall abuse my wine-merchant."

These young men, Stephen and Maurice Grey, were twins, whose mother had died at their birth, and all through their infancy and childhood the old wine-merchant had been to them as father and mother in one, and the brothers had grown up to manhood, loving him and each other as dearly as heart could wish.

Mart." Tinman simpered: "With your wealth!" "Ay, I 'm rich for a contented mind." "I 'm pretty sure you 'll approve my new vintage," said Tinman. "It's direct from Oporto, my wine-merchant tells me, on his word." "What's the price?" "No, no, no. Try it first. It's rather a stiff price." Van Diemen was partially reassured by the announcement. "What do you call a stiff price?" "Well! over thirty."

Percy Bobus, the son of a wine-merchant, though the nephew of a duke, rejoined, "Nobody does know." "Insolent intruder!" thought Lord Borodaile: "a man whom nobody knows to make such advances to me!" A still greater cause of dislike to Clarence arose from jealousy. Ever since the first night of his acquaintance with Lady Flora, Lord Borodaile had paid her unceasing attention.

For the first time during her stay on French soil, she persuaded the baker, the butcher, and wine-merchant, by plausible arguments, to supply her with the necessaries of life without immediate cash payment, and Minna's eyes beamed when, an hour later, she was able to put before us an excellent meal, during which, as it happened, we were surprised by the Avenarius family, who were evidently relieved at finding us so well provided for.

They have a story that he fought with a wine-merchant. I can't believe that, sir! And was he in great pain?" "You are a wise, kind old woman, Mrs. Bread," said Newman. "I hoped I might see you with my own children in your arms. Perhaps I shall, yet." And he put out his hand. Mrs.

But these scruples and these fears were useless now; since Glady failed him, cost what it might and happen what would, he must go to this scamp for assistance. He knew that Caffie lived in the Rue Sainte-Anne, but he did not know the number. He had only to go to one of his patients, a wine-merchant in the Rue Therese, to find his address in the directory.

His companions were all ruffians of a desperate caste: burglary, highway robbery, rape, murder in every degree, were common cases. One instance will suffice, and it is not the worst: it was that of a young man, clerk of a wine-merchant in St. Petersburg.

The fishwife hesitated for a moment; then, reflecting that something might be got out of a conversation with the wine-merchant, and sure, moreover, that as long as Toupillier lay on his gold she could safely leave him alone with the portress, she said: "Thank you, Madame Perrache, but I'd better make acquaintance with his trades-folk."