In Person and with him, a Man of mighty Quality, Sir, 'tis thought, the Prince of Thunderland but that's but whisper'd, Sir, in the Cabal, and that he loves your Niece. Doct. Miraculous! how this agrees with all I've seen and heard To Night, say you, Sir? Char. So 'tis conjectur'd, Sir, some of the Cabalists are of opinion, that last Night there was some Sally from the Moon. Doct.

The runners came up the road, pausing for a moment by the gate. I heard it creak, and saw two or three dark forms enter the field the remainder tearing on up the road with a great clatter of boots. "Alas, my poor Jacques!" moan'd Sir Deakin: "and to be butcher'd so, that never in his days kill'd a man but as if he lov'd him!" "Sir," I whisper'd harshly, "if you keep this noise I must gag you."

If ever there was a man who did not derive more pain than pleasure from his vanity, that man, says Rousseau, was no other than a fool. A country gentleman near Taunton spent his whole life in making some hundreds of wretched copies of second-rate pictures, which were bought up at his death by a neighbouring baronet, to whom Some Demon whisper'd, L , have a taste!

The girl took me by the hand to guide me: for, save from the one bright window in the upper floor, there was no light at all in the yard. Clearly, she was in dread of her master's anger, for we stole across like ghosts, and once or twice she whisper'd a warning when my toe kick'd against a loose cobble.

Captain Billy, whose eyes rested on her as she spoke, beckon'd me, very mysterious, outside the cabin, and winking slily, whisper'd loud enough to stun one "Ply her, Jack" he had call'd me "Jack" from the first "ply her briskly! Womankind is but yielding flesh: 'am an amorous man mysel', an' speak but that I have prov'd."

At length came a Knight from a far land to woo her, With plumes on his helm like the foam of the sea; His vizor was down but, with voice that thrill'd through her, He whisper'd his vows to the high-born Ladye.

He was white as death, and pointed to the hilt of my sword and the demi-bear engrav'd thereon. "He is dead," I whisper'd: "hush! turn your face aside killed by those same dogs that are now below." I heard a sob in the true fellow's throat. But on the instant it was drown'd by the sound of a door opening and the tramp of feet on the stairs.

"Oh, Jack," she whisper'd in my ear, "I am so very, very sorrow: but I cannot wear these hateful clothes much longer." She fac'd the company with a rosy blush. "What say you to this?" ask'd Colonel Essex for 'twas he turning round on the little man. "Say? What do I say? That the fellow is a Papist, too. I knew it from the first, and this proves it!"

As I said this a light broke on me. "By the Lord," I cried, "'tis the very same!" Delia open'd her eyes wide. "Wait," I said: "I begin to touch ground." We returned to the great hall. The straight-hair'd man was still eating, and opposite sat Billy, that had not budg'd, but now beckoning to me, very mysterious, whisper'd in a voice that made the plates rattle "That's a damned rogue!"

Every dirty passion, and bad propensity in my nature took the alarm, as I stated the proposition. It will oblige you to have a third horse, said Avarice, which will put twenty livres out of your pocket; You know not what she is, said Caution; or what scrapes the affair may draw you into, whisper'd Cowardice.