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Sir, I Honour you; good luck, my Countryman! How got you to the Region of the Moon, Sir? Har. A plaguy inquisitive old Fool! Why, Sir, Pox on't, what shall I say? I being one day in a musing Melancholy, walking by the Sea-side there arose, Sir, a great Mist, by the Sun's exhaling of the Vapours of the Earth, Sir. Doct. Right, Sir. Har. In this Fog, or Mist, Sir, I was exhal'd. Doct.

If we 'ad not lov'd you you'ad been still impos'd on; You had brought a Scandal on your learned Name, And all succeeding Ages had despis'd it. Doct. Most Noble Youths you've honour'd me with your Alliance, and you, and all your Friends, Assistances in this glorious Miracle, I invite to Night to revel with me. Come all and see my happy Recantation of all the Follies, Fables have inspir'd till now.

II. Suppose blotting out of God's book to mean annihilation, and his answer to the prayer stands thus I will destroy this people, and blot them from among my works THEREFORE go lead them to the place of which I have spoken unto thee! III. Suppose with Mr. Henry, and Doct.

To my Knowledge, Sir, a Smith of a very fiery Constitution is grown very opulent by drinking these Waters. Doct. How, Sir, grown rich by drinking the Waters, and to your Knowledge? Scar. The Devil's in my Tongue. To my Knowledge, Sir; for what a Man of Honour relates, I may safely affirm. Doct. Scar.

This eight thousand Years no Emperor has descended, but Incognito; but when he does, to make his Journey more magnificent, the Zodiack, Sir, attends him. Doct. 'Tis all amazing, Sir. Kep. Now, Sir, behold the Globick World descends two thousand Leagues below its wonted Station, to shew Obedience to its proper Monarch. When it is descended, it opens and shews the Emperor and the Prince.

Crawford, with sixty followers retreated on the route that he had proposed by attempting to rush through the enemy; but they had no sooner got amongst the Indians, than every man was killed or taken prisoner! Amongst the prisoners, were Col. Crawford, and Doct. Night, surgeon of the regiment. Lt. Col.

As how, I pray, Sir? Scar. Why, Sir, a Water impregnated to a Circulation with prima Materia; upon my Honour, Sir, the strongest I ever drank of. Doct. How, Sir! did you drink of it? Scar. I only speak the words of Garamanteen, Sir. Doct. Scar. The Lunary Physicians, Sir, call it Urinam Vulcani, it calybeates every ones Excrements more or less according to the Gradus of the natural Calor.

Doct. That wondrous Ebula, which Gonzales had? Char. The same, by virtue of which, all Weight was taken from him, and then with ease the lofty Traveller flew from Parnassus Hill, and from Hymethus Mount, and high Gerania, and Acrocorinthus, thence to Taygetus, so to Olympus Top, from whence he had but one step to the Moon. Dizzy he grants he was. Doct. No wonder, Sir, Oh happy great Gonzales!

Sir, I am your Physician, Friend and Counsellor; It was not in the Power of Herbs or Minerals, Of Reason, common Sense, and right Religion, To draw you from an Error that unmann'd you. Doct. I will be patient, Gentlemen, and hear you. Are not you Ferdinand? Kep.

The Indians continued warming, till at length the Doct. saw that they had placed themselves in a favorable position for the execution of his design, when, stimulated by the love of life, he cautiously took his club and at two blows knocked them both down.