She turned with a scream, and saw Brian smiling at her. "Oh, it's you," she said, with a pout, as he caught her in his arms and kissed her. "Only me," said Brian, ungrammatically; "disappointing, isn't it?" "Oh, fearfully," answered the girl, with a gay laugh, as arm-in-arm they walked towards the house. "But do you know I made such a curious mistake just now; I thought papa was you."

There is, however, a quotation from a poem by Patrick A. Chalmers, a present-day poet, which has become as common as a proverb: "What's lost upon the roundabouts We pulls up on the swings." The fact that this is expressed simply and even ungrammatically does not, of course, turn it into a proverb.

Birds are not good-natured. Either as a result of her frivolous youth or of the air of Paris, which she had breathed from childhood, a kind of cheap universal scepticism had found its way into her, usually expressed by the words: tout ca c'est des betises. She spoke ungrammatically, but in a pure Parisian jargon, did not talk scandal and had no caprices what more can one desire in a governess?

"Listen, Dick you and Leroy take the other auxiliary rocket and go out and salvage those films." Jarvis stared. "Me and Leroy?" he echoed ungrammatically. "Why not me and Putz? An engineer would have some chance of getting us there and back if the rocket goes bad on us." The captain nodded toward the stern, whence issued at that moment a medley of blows and guttural expletives.

The old man retired from business, purchased his son a living, and shortly after died, leaving him what remained of his fortune. The first thing the Reverend Mr. Platitude did, after his father's decease, was to send his mother and sister into Wales to live upon a small annuity, assigning as a reason that he was averse to anything low, and that they talked ungrammatically.

He had expected his friend would strenuously oppose any plan involving separation from Madeleine Coburn, but to his relief Merriman immediately agreed with him. "I've been thinking we ought to clear out too," he declared ungrammatically. "It's not good enough to be accepting continuous hospitality which you can't return."

"Not me," he returned promptly if ungrammatically, "if you're looking in my direction." "I'll admit that I find you as interesting as the owl almost. And quite as hard to understand." "Nobody ever called me queer; not to my face." "But you are, you know. You oughtn't to be here at all." "Where ought I to be?" "How can I answer that riddle without knowing where you have been? Are you Ulysses "

He is so fastidious in his desire for perfection, that he can scarcely permit his actors to speak loosely or ungrammatically: though retaining their essential individuality, they are endowed with the author's own delightful power of expression.

With this idea in my head, sinking ankle-deep in the dust, and threading my way through the pigs and fowls which hung around the back door, I went in search of my master. Mrs M'Swat was teaching Jimmy how to kill a sheep and dress it for use; while Lizer, who was nurse to the baby and spectator of the performance, was volubly and ungrammatically giving instructions in the art.

'And we also, I hope, said Mr Wopples, ungrammatically. 'Come and see "The Cruet Stand" again. I'll put your name on the free list. M. Vandeloup thanked the actor warmly for this kind offer, and took himself off; as he passed along the street he heard a burst of laughter from the Wopples family, no doubt caused by some witticism of the head of the clan.