But the coalheaver always sticks close to the attire of his station; he alone wears the consistent and befitting garb of his forefathers; he alone has not discarded "the napless vesture of humility," to follow the always expensive, and often absurd fashions of his superiors. All ungalled of him is each courtier's heel or great man's kibe.

Jeanie herself could not fail to bestow an anxious thought on the awkwardness of the approaching meeting; but her conscience was ungalled and then she was cumbered with many household cares of an unusual nature, which, joined to the anxious wish once more to see Butler, after an absence of unusual length, made her extremely desirous that the travellers should arrive as soon as possible.

Her father wore his yoke ungalled; he loved rough work, drew his religion from privations, accepted hardship as the chastening that insures reward. But that her mother's hands should have been folded and have returned to universal clay without ever having fondled the finer things of life this to Pansy was remembrance to start tears on the brightest day.

If her face was pensive as she turned away, it was because truth and love are, in their essence, forever young; and it is the hard condition of nature that they cannot always appear so. "Why, let the stricken deer go weep, The heart ungalled play; For some must watch while some must sleep; Thus runs the world away."

My children say, 'Papa, our home is not comfortable; all is upside-down; and I reply. 'But what will you, my children? A home without a wife is always upside down. And then I take them between my arms, in weeping. It is a poignant picture to rend the heart. What is that verse of your grand Will? Blow, blow, thou wintry wind; And let go weep the stricken land, While harts ungalled go play.

Hutter and March got out two small sweeps and, covered by the cabin, they soon urged the ark far enough from the shore to leave no inducement to their enemies to make any further attempt to injure them. "Why, let the strucken deer go weep, The hart ungalled play, For some must watch, while some must sleep, Thus runs the world away." Hamlet, III.ii.271-74

As Hamlet sings, after the play that amused the court but struck the king with deadly fear: Why, let the stricken deer go weep, The hart ungalled play; For some must watch, while some must sleep: So runs the world away. Naturally, with these two ideals struggling to master the English drama, two schools of writers arose.

And to think that if I had only done my writing in ledgers, the 'prentice millionaire might have become the master millionaire, ungalled by avuncular advice and chary cheques. Ah, dearest Lucy, you can never understand what we others suffer you into whose mouths the larks drop roasted. Should I marry fashion and be stifled? Or money and be patronized?

Why, let the stricken deer go weep, The hart ungalled play; For some must watch, while some must sleep: Thus runs the world away. This gifted Frenchman, Montaigne, was a new, a strange, phenomenon in the eyes of Shakspere and his active and energetic countrymen.

There is certainly but one place in all New York where the stricken deer may weep or even, for that matter, the hart ungalled play; the wonder of my coincidence shrank a little, that is, before the fact that when young ardor or young despair wishes to commune with immensity it can ONLY do so either in a hall bedroom or in just this corner, practically, where I pounced on my prey.