It's on the dead, you understand." "Oh, I'd do anything for you that I'd do for anybody, yes, sir I'd do more: but I refused ten thousand dollars for what I know about what happened in the Transportation Committee that winter I was its stenog.

If Ida Bell don't like the looks of you, let her go home with some of her swell stenog friends. You let your feet hurt you any old way you want 'em to. I'm going to buy you some arnica. Pass the kohlrabi." "Well, my swell 'stenog friends, as you call them, keep themselves self-respecting girls without getting themselves talked about, and that's more than I can say of my sister.

"I've always swore to myself, Sam, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, that if I can't marry to improve myself, I'm going to stay single till I can. I'm not a six-dollar-a-week stenog that has to marry for enough to eat. I can afford to buy a seventy-five dollar suit every winter of my life and twelve-dollar shoes every time I need them.

"I'm only a poor little devil of a stenog and I've been clear down, you know that, but I won't do it. I turned down Thatcher's ten thousand dollars, and I turned it down hard. The more important that letter is, the less I know about it. I'll go into court and swear I never saw or heard of it before. I don't know anything about it. If you want me to quit, it's all right; it's all right, Mr.

"I hope so; they're all white and speak the same language. This is on the dead. I'm only talking to you because you're an old friend." An occasional roar from within testified to Mr. Pettit's continued enjoyment of his own jokes. "You know," Rose continued, "I learned a good deal those winters I spent at the State House, when I was stenog to certain senate committees.

But you're not much of a stenog, Lucy was that you peckin' away in there?" A shade of pink swept her face. "I used to operate a machine a little with one finger of each hand," she explained, "but I'm all out of practice. I don't have to use a typewriter on this job though. It's an old one the boss took for a bill." "Just practicin' up again, eh?" "Ye-yes," she hesitated.

Sarah had managed to pry apart the shells with her unhandy weapon far enough to nibble a wee bit at the cold and clammy world within. She knew no more shorthand than if she had been a graduate in stenography just let slip upon the world by a business college. So, not being able to stenog, she could not enter that bright galaxy of office talent.

But there's one rule for success mind you, I don't follow it myself, I can't, but it's a grand old hunch: 'If you want to get on, always be ready to occupy the job just ahead of you. Only what the devil is the job just ahead of a stenog.? I've been thinking of you and wondering. What is it?" "Honestly, Mr. Babson, I don't know. Here, anyway. Unless it's lieutenant of the girls."

Robert has a shorthand system of his own that he uses in dictatin' letters. He'll reel off the name and address all right, and then simply sketch in what he wants said, without takin' pains to throw in such details as "Replying to yours of even date," or "We are in receipt of yours of the 20th inst." And the connectin' links he always leaves to the stenog.

As he looked from his own cage into the main room Babbitt mourned, "McGoun's a good stenog., smart's a whip, but Stan Graff and all those bums " The zest of the spring morning was smothered in the stale office air.