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There was no grovelling about the earth, no fanning of selfish fires into smoky flames, no probing of half-closed wounds until the soul writhed in a new-born anguish but instead, hopeful words, lessons of duty, and the introduction of an ennobling spiritual philosophy, that gave strength and tranquillity for the present, and promised the soul's highest fruition in the surely coming future.

This the text itself declares, since the clause 'warmth in the highest Being' is connected with and governed by the preceding clause 'Speech is merged in mind. This preceding clause intimates a special kind of connexion, viz. absolute non-separation, and there is nothing to prove that the dependent clause means to express something different; nor is there any reason why at the time of the soul's departure those elements should enter into the causal condition; nor is there anything said about their again proceeding from the causal substance in a new creation.

The soul's attention must be withdrawn from external, created things and turned inward towards God exclusively before its union with Him; and this transformation is a great, painful, and wonderful work, and so much the more difficult and painful as the soul's attention has been attracted and attached to transitory things to creatures."

It is of little consequence who directs and carries the letter." So he chased away the slight cloud that hung over his mind as he left the counting room with his friend. These slight clouds that rise in the soul's horizon, so prophetic, so full of mercy or of terror as we regard or slight them! "Why do we not learn their meaning? Why are they not ever messengers of love and peace to us?

'In the Christian's home in Glory There is a land of rest; And my Saviour's gone before me, To fulfil my soul's request. 'CHORUS: There is rest for the weary, There is rest for you, On the other side of Jordan, In the sweet fields of Eden, Where the Tree of Life is blooming, There is rest for you.

But he had recovered his hold upon her hand, and by imperceptible degrees was leading her toward the shining steps which descended to the valley. "Come, O my soul's soul," he passionately implored; "why delay a moment? Surely you feel, as I do, that eternity itself is too short to hold such bliss as ours. It seems to me that I can see our home already. Have I not always seem it in my dreams?

Love for all that is purest and best in each life with which we mingle. Such a love is not sensual not earthly. It gives without necessity of return; it is the soul's devotion, not the heart's impulse.

How tired the poor girl was of the dull life about her, the old woman's "skeleton hand" at the window opposite, drawing her curtains, "Ma'am shooing away the hens," the vacuous country eyes staring at her as only country eyes can stare, a routine of mechanical duties, and the soul's half-articulated cry for sympathy, without an answer! Yes, pray for her, and for all such!

"Papa! dearest dear papa!" "Be quiet I have indeed I'd have liked to have had something to give up, instead of its being, as I verily believe it is, the most charmingly delightful scheme for your mother and me that ever was hit upon for that man is the happiness of my life my body's comfort and my soul's health and Lettice is more like a dear child than any thing else to that poor mother of yours, whom I have not, perhaps, been so considerate of as I ought; and to have them thus fixed together in this house, is better luck than could be conceived, such as scarcely ever happens in this world to any body; and far better than I almost better than your poor mother deserves.

He commonly introduced his religious observations by some questions relating to their employment; he first gained their affections by his kindness, and then converted his influence over them to their soul's good. The interest he took in their worldly affairs opened their hearts to the reception of those divine truths which he was always earnest to impress upon them.