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"Well," said Miss Robinson, drawing her chair to the fire, taking off her hat and shawl, and warming her knees by the blaze, "I didn't reckon to return. You'll find me here when you come back with the doctor. Go! Skedaddle quick!" She did not have to repeat the command. In another instant James North was in Miss Bessy's seat a man's dragoon saddle, and pounding away through the sand.

If we got interfered with by anybody official, we meant to talk some rot about the Borough Surveyor, and skedaddle if necessary. But it all worked beautifully!" "Where did you get your tools and tent?" "Robin managed that," said Dicky admiringly. Robin looked extremely dour, and I refrained from further inquiry. "Robin's got some rum pals, I don't think!" observed Gerald pertinently.

When you give him a sabre, pistol, and carbine, to take care of when he has all he can do to take care of himself, those terrors increase in proportion. Then show him the enemy and send him into battle and what is the result? Skedaddle! "Don't make any mistake; we haven't any cavalry yet. Some day we will, when our men learn to ride faster than a walk."

We can only admire the calm determination of the man, as he stood there waiting for the boy to shoot, so he could rush up, unarmed, put his hand under the soldier's foot, tip him off the horse, get on himself, without receipting to the government for the horse, and skedaddle. It is not necessary to inquire what the boy would have been doing all the time Jeff was pulling him off the horse.

Philemon Pipp by his fine fur collar and they made him give back their money, every last cent of it. Then, while some of them held him, the others smashed all his bottles until the black juice ran over the tailboard like a dark waterfall, and they hurled his high silk hat on the top of the lamp-post, yelling, "You git out of here, quick! Come, skedaddle!"

There is not one small thing awry? Ach, how we shall laugh at Konrad's face." "Satisfied! I'd kiss you if I weren't afraid that I should muss you up. You're not the same woman. You look like a girl! And so pretty! Now skedaddle into your own rooms, but don't you dare to sit down for a moment. I'm going down to get Frau Knapf before your husband arrives."

Major Bounder was the victor on that day of stress and strife, for it seemed that many women didn't like the Colonel's wife. "Away with you, stranger!" exclaimed Mrs. Granger, "avaunt and skedaddle! Come here never more! You agents are making me crazy and breaking my heart, and I beg that you'll trot from my door!

Here! You can take it off my petticoat." "That petticoat," her father laughed, with the first real mirth she had heard for many weeks. "That poor little petticoat wouldn't make an arm bandage for Susan Jemima. Now up with your hoofie and let's play I'm a surgeon and you're a brave soldier who has fought in every battle since we first made the Yanks skedaddle at Bull Run."

You cheap-skate you piker! More!" "It's a hundred!" "Put me out of the game!" roared Spears. "You bet! Hurry now skedaddle!" "Rob-b-ber!" bawled Spears. Then he labored slowly toward the bench, all red, and yet with perspiration, his demeanor one of outraged dignity. The great crowd, as one man, stood up and yelled hoarsely at Carter, and hissed and railed at him.

So if you choose to skedaddle into the brush out there and lie low until we get her away, we'll fix it!" "Nonsense! I'll see her." His partner looked aghast at this temerity, but Fleming, jumping to his feet, at once set out to meet his mysterious visitor.