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RERUM ... SAPIENTIAM: 'wisdom in affairs'; the objective genitive EXCELLENTEM: in sense much stronger than our 'excellent'; excellentem perfectamque 'pre-eminent and indeed faultless'. QUOD ... SENSERIM: this clause takes the place of an object to admirari.

VIDERETUR: sc. esse; the infinitive is often omitted thus after verbs of desiring, thinking etc., also verbs of speaking and hearing; cf. Lael. 18 eam sapientiam interpretantur; ib. 29 quam natam volunt; ib. 64 homines ex maxime raro genere iudicare; Acad. 2, 12 viderenturne ea Philonis. HESIODUM: see n. on 54.

Beside it lay a little scrap of paper, with the words "Thy choice was, in a way, amiss, But those few words do tell thee this What thou hast won will never alter, To use it thou needs't never falter. What 'tis as yet thou dost not see, An endless source of joy 'twill be. Ignorantiam 'twill enlighten, Sapientiam further brighten." "Good heavens!" cried Tussmann, "it's a book.

Quidam et sapientiam ita quidam finierunt, ut dicerent divinorum et humanorum sapientiam ..." which does not make sense. It used to be supposed that words had dropped out between ita and quidam. Sapientiam ita quidam finierunt...." Blass, Reinach, and Lindsay, in the works referred to in the note, mention several other masterly and elegant emendations.

Nevertheless he followed his instinct for the most part, rather than his reason. Sapiens suam si sapientiam norit. With the masters Ernest was ere long in absolute disgrace. He had more liberty now than he had known heretofore.

Eoque Regina Saba venit a finibus, hoc est, a longinquis terrae partibus audire sapientiam Salomonis. Generaliter isti de Mauritania Aethiopes comedunt parum, de facili inebriantur, fluxum ventris patiuntur nec diu viuunt. In India infima propter continuum et graue frigus generatur christallum de aqua per gelu, sicut quidam asserunt.

And to this purpose it was well said of Lactantius, "Sapientiam sibi adimunt, qui sine ullo judicio inventa maiorum probant, et ab aliis pecudum more ducuntur:" "They neglect their own wisdom, who without any judgment approve the invention of those that forewent them; and suffer themselves after the manner of beasts, to be led by them;" by the advantage of which sloth and dullness, ignorance is now become so powerful a tyrant, as it hath set true philosophy, physics, and divinity in a pillory; and written over the first, "Contra negantem principia;" over the second, "Virtus specifica;" over the third, "Ecclesta Romana."

Posuit in visceribus hominis sapientiam was his favourite motto, and it did not occur to him that if man, in his quest after the true and the good, has only to explore the recesses of his own heart, the Catéchisme of M. Olier was a building without a foundation. German philosophy was just beginning to be known, and what little I had been able to pick up had a strangely fascinating effect upon me.

"Tum pavor sapientiam omnem mihiex animo expectorat." Ennius, ap. Such as have been well rubbed in some skirmish, may yet, all wounded and bloody as they are, be brought on again the next day to charge; but such as have once conceived a good sound fear of the enemy, will never be made so much as to look him in the face.

Ita, qui olim boni aequique Cherusci, nunc inertes ac stulti vocantur: Chattis victoribus fortuna in sapientiam cessit. Tracti ruina Cheruscorum et Fosi, contermina gens, adversarum rerum ex aequo socii, cum in secundis minores fuissent.