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O, saies she, how glad shall I be; when all things is bought that there ought to be for the making of my Child-bed linnen. And no sooner is it bought, but then she wishes that it were made.

And at all this, good Man, you must make no wry faces, but be pleasant and merry; for they are needfull in house-keeping, you cannot be without them; and that mony must alwaies be certainly ready, get it where you will. Then, saies the Wife, all this, at least, there must needs be, if we will have any people of fashion come into our house.

But Nurse do not cheat your self, for fear it might happen otherwise; I know once a merry boon Companion, who being at a Gossipping Feast, called the Nurse alone to him; and saies to her, Nurse, I'l swear you are very vigilant and take a great deal of pains, in serving both us and our wives with all things, and also filling of us full glasses and bowls: hark hither, my wife is a little covetous, and oft-times so narrow-soul'd that she doth not keep her credit where she ought to do, so that I beleeve her gift will not be very great, and truly because you are such a good body, see there, that's for you, put it some where privately away; & there-with thrusts her an indifferent great brass Counter, wrapt up in a paper, into her hand.

Therefore away he goes, leaving his whining beloved sitting between her Sister and her Neece, speaking words of consolation to her; and using all arguments possible to enliven and make her sorrowfull heart merry; either of them striving to be most free in proffering to be her bedfellow, and the next day to keep her company: But alas, saies she, suppose ye did all this, yet nevertheless I have not my husband with me!

And then they begin to find that the longer they drink, the better it tasts; which is an undeniable sign that it is pure good Wine. And this pint being out again; presently saies the t'other, All good things consist in three: so that we must have the t'other pint.

The house indeed might offer us shelter for a time, but the end would only be delayed. So I edged off from Brecqhou, thinking to run for Havre Gosselin, and then, with senses quickened to the occasion, I saw that Havre Gosselin would serve us no better. Port és Saies, Grande Grève, Vermandés, Les Fontaines, Port Gorey, I ran them rapidly through my mind and saw the same objection to all.

Whereupon some of them hearing that the action was so much commended, and that the Mayor made no search about it, saies, that was my work with James Smith the Londoner, Jack Dove the Kentishman, and Sanny Clow the Scotch man. Upon this they were all four apprehended in the night, and very cleaverly clapt by the heels, &c.

Ho, saies the t'other, 'twas at the Blew Boar, where I drunk the delicatest Wine that ever my lips tasted. You never tasted the like on't. If I should live a thousand year, the tast would never be out of my thoughts. Nay, if the Gods do yet drink Nectar, it is certainly prest out of those Grapes.

Call me a scurvy fellow, proud and saucie, An ill bred, crooked Clowne; ile here this rather Then live upon your pitty. And yet doe not; For, if you raile, too, men that know you can Dissemble, may beleeve you love me, and Tis not my ayme. Sis. You are a fine man! Cou. I am in my best clothes? Sis. I perceave That tis truth now what the world saies of you, And yet tis strange. Cou.

The fysichion at G., wear I tooke her, saies she shou'd hav much fresh aire everry day if not afoot, to be carrid in a chaire or cotche; but in this wether, and in a plaice wear neeither chaire nor cotche can be had, she must needs stop in doors. I hav begg'd her to lett me carry her to G., but she will not, and says in ye summerr she will be as strong as everr. I pray God she may be so.

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