But now "Oof," the pet pig of the establishment, had eaten them nearly all, and was standing in his sty too full even for the utterance of his usual lazy grunt. He looked like an animated keg of sauerkraut with four pegs at the corners for him to stand on, so full was he of Carl's cherished and esculent cabbages. "How in the world did he get into the cabbage patch?" asked Ted.

Then, with head held high and a frigid "Beg pardon, mister!" she elbowed her way through the dense throng of gentlemen-in-waiting and seated herself on the bench arranged along the side of the cabin. "Oof!" she exclaimed. "Feels though my legs would drop clear off!" At length the Queen looked up. "Why, what now!" she exclaimed. "Whither hath the strange woman gone?"

Beside her were two middle-aged sycophants who were saying what a perfectly exquisite child Millicent was. It was at this moment that Mrs. Tate was grasped firmly by the skirt and her youngest daughter, Emily, aged eleven, hurled herself with an "Oof !" into her mother's arms. "Why, Emily, what's the trouble?" "Mamma," said Emily, wild-eyed but voluble, "there's something out on the stairs."

And there were flowers everywhere, and in back from the beach the grass was thick and lush and neck-high. And some of the girls went through this with me, and we climbed the hillside behind and picked berries and roots that tasted sour and were good to eat. And we came upon a big bear in the berries making his supper, and he said "Oof!" and ran away as scared as we were.

"No; he wasn't drunk at all; I guess he was the man you saw when we came out of the square." Then, as the policeman came up puffing: "Let me do the talking; the whisky theory will be good enough for the newspapers." "Oof! I feel as if I had been dipped in a warm bath of conspiracy and hung up to dry in the cold storage of nihilism!

Ortheris his real name by the by is Arthur Jewell hasn't any of these troubles. 'The b y Germans butted into Belgium, he says. 'We've got to 'oof 'em out again. That's all abart it. Leastways it's all I know.... I don't know nothing about Serbia, I don't know nothing about anything, except that the Germans got to stop this sort of gime for Everlasting, Amen....

In eight weeks many things may happen. And if not, still Corinne and I will have had eight weeks in Paris with oof which we can burn. It is something." In the end Gorman made up his mind to go to Salissa. I do not suppose that the King's gift of the Order of the Pink Vulture had much to do with his decision.

Immediately: 'Who bought the other box? 'Such-a-one! She was pleased with them! Old man! Nicholas Yermolaiyevitch! See what a fellow who was expelled from the seminary and who has read Gaboriau can do! From to-day on I begin to respect myself! Oof! Well, come!" "Come where?" "To her, to number four! We must hurry, otherwise otherwise I'll burst with impatience! Do you know who she is?

"Very well," Sydney Barnes said. "It is lucky that I am here to look after your interests. We divide everything, you know." She seemed about to cry. "I want Augustus," she murmured. "He was very good to me." "Look here," he said, "Augustus always seemed to have plenty of oof, didn't he?" She nodded. "He was very generous with it, too," she declared. "He gave me lots and lots of beautiful things."

He was a queer object as he staggered to his feet in the quagmire; but at the instant a loud "oof, oof," came from, the thicket, not a dozen yards away, and the whole herd of hogs, roused, by his fall, from slumber in their muddy lair, dashed away through the swamp with "oofs" of fear.