He write letter for agent, write letter for my father. They writes letter for say yes, I stay. I stay and do plenty more foreground stuff." "I don't see you do moch foreground work since that white girl come," Ramon observed, hitting what he instinctively knew was a tender point. Had he seen her face, he must have been satisfied that the chance shot struck home.

"Now, me boys," said he, "you was see we have konker you again. You behold the sea?" pointing over the side; "well, that bees your bed to-night if you no behave. Now, I wants to know, who is best man of you as onderstand die cost? Speak de trut', else you die." The English lieutenant at once turned to Ruby. "Well, cast him loose; de rest of you go b'low good day, ver' moch indeed."

"That would tebendt," said Lindau, trying to control himself. "If you hat inheritedt your money, you might pe innocent; but if you hat mate it, efery man that resbectedt himself would haf to ask how you mate it, and if you hat mate moch, he would know " "Hold on; hold on, now, Lindau! Ain't that rather un-American doctrine?

Me, I not like for yoh no trus' Ramon. Looks like not moch yoh lov' Ramon." "I good girl," Annie-Many-Ponies stated simply. "I love my husband when priest says that's right thing to do. You no gets priest, I no go with you. I think mens not much cares for marry all time. Womens not care, they go to hell. That's what priest tells. Girls got to care. That's truth."

Indeed, the thought of Alicia and of Alicia's parent was alone enough to keep his head bowed down. "Ach, zey most not know," he muttered. "I shall give moch money hondreds of pound not to let zem find out. Oh, what for fool have I been!"

The girl apparently was sensible of no lack but the breeds do not bring up their daughters to expect tenderness. Her eyes sparkled. "How pretty it is, 'Erbe't!" she breathed. "Ver' moch good land!" She spoke the pretty, clipped English of the convent school. At their feet lay a shallow valley, hidden close until the very moment of stumbling upon it.

"Dey tell mine ooncle 'tis goot place to sell moch vatch." "You have an uncle, then? Ah! I see him there in the street, showing a watch at this moment to a gentleman. Is your uncle a linguist, too, and has he been as well educated as you seem to be yourself?" "Certain he moch more of a shentleman dan ast de shentleman to whom he now sell vatch."

If I stay in pedt it's zo I can fling money away on somethings else. Heigh?" "But what are you living here for, Lindau?" March smiled at the irony lurking in Lindau's words. "Well, you zee, I foundt I was begoming a lidtle too moch of an aristograt.

"You're too good-looking," he replied bluntly. "It wouldn't be respectable." "I tak' care of myself," averred Bela. "Anybody say so." "How about that story that's going the rounds now?" "Moch lies, I guess." "Very like; but it can't be done," he said firmly. "I can't have a scandal right in front of my wife's door." "Good for trade," suggested Bela insinuatingly. "Mak' the new people come up here.

Anthony or one of his fellow-martyrs who observed that an occasional holiday from the ideal is the condiment in the sauce of sanctity; and some such reflection perturbed the Baron at this moment. "It is nozing moch," he answered. "Oh, I know what it is. You have grown so accustomed to seeing the same people, year after year the Von Greifners, and Rosenbaums, and all those.