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A narrow turning by the market-house shows the torn and dishevelled fragment of the keep of Helmsley Castle towering above the thatched roofs in the foreground. The ruin is surrounded by tall elms, and from this point of view, when backed by a cloudy sunset, makes a wonderful picture. Like Scarborough, this stronghold was held for the King during the Civil War.

"To return to the Christmas doings: On the Monday all the women of the village, about 300, assembled in the market-house, and, after suitable addresses, valuable presents were made to each, viz., 1lb. soap, 1lb. rice, and several apples, etc. so that they return home laden and rejoicing. Altogether about L50 must have been spent upon the Christmas presents.

Peety had got as far as the market-house which was about the centre of the street on his way, we say, to the post-office, when he met his daughter Nanny, who, after a few words of inquiry, asked him where he was going. "Faith, an' that's more than I dare tell you," he replied. "Why," she said, "is there a saicret in it, I'm sure you needn't keep it from me, whatever it is."

Yet Lucetta seemed silent, and then all thought of the incident was dissipated by the humming of a song, which sounded as though from the interior of the machine. Henchard had by this time vanished into the market-house, and both the women glanced towards the corn-drill. They could see behind it the bent back of a man who was pushing his head into the internal works to master their simple secrets.

But on this morning they whose stations lay on the seaward side of the market-house, instead of spreading their merchandise formed themselves into a softly jabbering and gesticulating group. For there upon their space of the platform was sprawled, asleep, the unbeautiful figure of "Beelzebub" Blythe. He lay upon a ragged strip of cocoa matting, more than ever a fallen angel in appearance.

But Anna, watch that calf, and see if thereby does not hang a tale. I am sure, in some mysterious way, my destiny is bound up with it. Calves do have destinies, don't they, Anna?" "Oh, don't ask me, Harriet! Inquire of their Creator; or try the market-house."

In the great streets near where they cross each other was to be built a handsome market-house, with a town-hall for parish or corporation business, doing justice and the like; also shambles; and in a handsome part of the ground mentioned to be laid out for streets, as near the centre as might be, was to be ground laid out for the building a church, which every man should either contribute to the building of in money, or give every tenth day of his time to assist in labouring at the building.

To keep off dampness I have had the sides of the market-house, as my mother calls it, wainscoted in oak to the height of twelve or fifteen feet. By a kind of gallery with two stairways, I can reach the windows and enjoy the beauty of the landscape, which is lovely.

I must not forget the market-house, with its public market twice a week, and its long rows of market-wagons, stretching on either side of High Street in the dim light of the summer dawn or the cold sun of the winter noon. The place had its brief history running back to the beginning of the century. Mad Anthony Wayne encamped on its site when he went north to avenge St.

Finding among the deck passengers a young fellow who looked as though he needed money, Gray approached him with this question: "Do you belong in Port William, young man?" "I don't belong nowhere else, I reckon," answered the seedy fellow, with shuffling impudence. "Do you know where the county clerk's office is?" asked Mr. Gray. "Yes, and the market-house.