Curly and Flop whistled through their noses at hearing this, for they knew they could have some fun after all, and away they started for the store. The old gentleman duck who kept it, and who was a forty 'leventh cousin to Grandfather Goosey Gander, wrapped the cornmeal in two separate bags, so that Curly could carry one, and Flop the other.

They reminded me of the way-back-hard-shell preacher whose hymn book had been stuffed with profane poems by some lewd fellows of the baser sort. He always opened at random and, trusting to divine guidance, read the first hymn that presented itself; he commenced: "We will sing together the one thousand three hundred and forty 'leventh hime."

Trapes, pushing cup and saucer out of harm's way, "though, mind you, he's a mystery I ain't found out yet. D' ye s'pose he made any money out o' them blessed peanuts not him! Mrs. Smalley, as lives down along 'Leventh, she told me as she's seen him givin' 'em away by the bagful t' all the children down her way repeated!" "How sweet of him!" said Hermione, her red mouth all tender curves.

They were rapidly learning the lesson that the regiment and its reputation were the most important things in the whole world. "Come along, and le's draw our rations," said Si. "And you boys want to keep in mind that this's all you'll git for three days, and govern yourselves accordingly. The 'Leventh Commandment is to take all that you kin git, and take mighty good care of it after you git it "

Wait till you've carried twelve such loads, my dear," said a tall middle-aged woman, whose black hair, coarse as a mane, was powdered grey with, raindrops. "Dear now, Ellen; be this the twelfth?" our hostess exclaimed. "I was reckonin' it the 'leventh." "Ay, th' twelfth tho' I've most lost count. I buried one, you know."

"It's all right," called out Jean Lafitte, when he came within hail; and I saw now that he, indeed, had a boat's load of gasoline in tanks, cans and all manner of receptacles. "Town and a store, down there five miles," he explained as I caught his gunwale with boat hook. "You can git anything there. Now, the Giants an' the Cubs, why, they tied in the 'leventh inning yesterday. An' say "

The chances, that a-way, is even. Number two is twice as hard; an' when I snags onto number three I downs that hold-up over by the foot of Fisher's Peak the chances has done mounted to be three to one ag'in me. So it goes gettin' higher an' higher, ontil when I corrals my 'leventh, it's 'leven to one he wins onless he's got killin's of his own to stand off mine.

'I don't want religion, I tell 'ee, said Mosk, drying his eyes; 'I've lived bad and I'll die bad. 'Mosk! Mosk! even at the eleventh hour 'That's all right, Mr Pendle; I know all about th' 'leventh hour, and repentance and the rest of th' rot. Stow it, sir, and listen. You'll keep true to my gal? 'On the honour of a gentleman. I love her; she is as dear to me now as she ever was.

The only break I made was showin' up here at the 'leventh hour, thinking I could be some use to my son!" "It was to be," said Paul. "For years our lives have been shaping towards this meeting. There were a thousand chances against it. Yet here we are!" "Here we are!" the packer repeated soberly. "But don't think that I lay any of my foolishness on the Almighty!

An' he keeps comin' when I calls, too, or I'd shore burn the ground 'round him to a cinder. I'd be a disgrace to old Tennessee to let my boy Tom go preescribin' what I'm to call him. But they be cur'ous folks! The last time this hirelin' changes his name, I asks the reason. "'Tom, I says, 'this yere is the 'leventh time you cinches on a new name.