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"Do you really intend going to town, Boris?" Valentina Mihailovna asked. "I feel absolutely certain," Kollomietzev continued, "that that tutor, Mr. Nejdanov, is mixed up in this. J'en mettrais ma main au feu. It's all one gang! Haven't they seized him? Don't you know?" Sipiagin waved his wrist again. "I don't know and don't want to know!

Oh, expression! That was what Mistress Dobson placed before everything, and what she tried, and tried in vain, to impart to her pupil. 'Ay Chiquita, upon which Paris fed for several seasons, was then at the height of its popularity. Sidonie studied it conscientiously, and all the morning she could be heard singing: "On dit que tu te maries, Tu sais que j'en puis mourir."

Outside, they could hear the Sunday organs, distant shouts on the river, and nearer at hand, in the garden, Madame Dobson's amorous, languishing voice, sighing: "On dit que tu te maries; Tu sais que j'en puis mouri-i-i-r!" "Yes, Frantz, I have always loved you," said Sidonie.

She set her teeth with an audible sound, and the color rose in her small, dark face. English departed from her. "Je ne le regrette pas du tout, du tout!" she cried with a flood of words. "Madame ah! je me jetterais au feu pour madame une femme si charmante, si adorable. Mais un homme comme, monsieur maussade, boudeur, impassible! Ah, non! de ma vie! J'en avais pardessus la tête, de monsieur!

When I was in Bangkok, I called the attention of the amiable white-haired, and at that time nearly nonogenarian, bishop to this curious statement. Shaking his head, he said he could not have written it. I showed him the very passage. "Ma foi, j'ai dit une betise; j'en ai dit bien d'autres," whispered he in my ear, holding up his hand as if afraid somebody might overhear him.

That is the answer to La Fontaine's octogenarian, planting his trees, despite the gibes of the little beardless boys whom, as is inevitable in such cases, he survived. Défendez-vous au sage De se donner des soins pour le plaisir d'autrui? Cela même est un fruit qui je goûte aujourd'hui; J'en puis jouir demain, et quelques jours encore.

He had spoken of a guest at the Club, to account for evening dress another lie, but what did it matter? He was lying all the time, if not in words, in action must lie, indeed, to save her suffering! He stopped at the Frenchwoman's flower shop. "Que desirez-vous, monsieur? Des oeillets rouges j'en ai de bien beaux, ce soir." Des oeillets rouges? Yes, those to-night! To this address.

It was only to give a few parting directions to Bernard, to enjoin quiet upon his patient, and to take leave of him, which he did, in the words of his favorite "Fare thee well! The elements be kind to thee, and make Thy spirits all of comfort." Ici il fallut que j'en divinasse plus qu'on ne m'en disoit.

Mackay talked big of the excellent state of prisons in Ireland. J'en doute un peu.

"MONSIEUR, Je viens de lire avec le plus grand plaisir votre livre 'French and English. Il est si rare qu'un ecrivain anglais ose ou veuille, aller contre les prejuges de ses lecteurs anglais, et nous fasse justice, que j'en ai eprouve un vrai sentiment de reconnaissance.