I don't see anything cruel about it when they're just muzzled, and as for killing the rats! they have to be killed. 'All the same, said Pat, 'it must be rather horrid to see. 'It's no horrider than heaps of other things that are awfully jolly too, said Justin. 'I suppose when you're a man you won't hunt, Pat, for fear you should be in at the death. 'Hunting's different, said Pat.

"Grace!" cried Lady Clonbrony, "do pray have the goodness to seal and send these notes; for really," whispered she, as her niece came to the table, "I cawnt stee, I cawnt bear that man's vice, his accent grows horrider and horrider!" Her ladyship rose, and left the room.

An' the stinks out of th' rotten weed, and out of all th' rotten ships whenever a bit of wind breezed up soft from th' s'uthard over th' hull mess of 'em, was horrider than you hev any idee! Gettin' drunk was all there was lef' fur us; and even in gettin' drunk there wasn't no real Christian comfort, 'cause of Jack's damn owlin' stares."

He was reputed a tough old devil with horrid habits; but that meant little to me. The tougher and horrider they came, the better they suited me so I thought. Just to make everything entirely clear I will add that this was in the year of 1897 and the Soda Springs valley in Arizona. By these two facts you old timers will gather the setting of my tale.

And all the while that she was disagreeable to him, or mocking him behind his back, she was as uncomfortable and "horrid" as possible. While this fact, of course, only served to make her horrider still. At present she adopted the manner of a patience that nothing could quite exhaust; she was polite and formal, relentlessly correct in position. Mr.

She wanted to live in all the mediæval castles of the picture-backgrounds, and was of opinion that the basilisk's real intentions had been misunderstood by the general public of his day. "I should love to have such a comic, trotty beast to lead about in Central Park," said she. "Why the octopi that the people cook and sell in the streets here now, are ever so much horrider.

"The husband was sixty-nine years of age, and jealous! not as a tiger, for they say of a tiger, 'jealous as a Dalmatian'; and my man was worse than A Dalmatian, one Dalmatian, he was three and a half Dalmatians at the very least; he was an Uscoque, tricoque, archicoque in a bicoque of a paltry little place like Zara " "Horrid fellow, and 'horrider bellow," put in Mistigris.

"What have you been doing?" Helen looked down at the dark marks where her knees had pressed the ground. "It will dry," she said, and went nearer the fire. "Zebedee says old Halkett's ill." "Drink and the devil," Rupert hummed. "He'll die soon." "Hope so," John said fervently. "I don't like to think of the bloated old beast alive." "He'll be horrider dead, I think," said Helen.

It was indisputable that men, "horrider than they," as she phrased it to herself, found quite nice girls to marry them. Ought she to take one or the other? She did not wish to but ought she?

I always knew you were a horrid old man and you are a lot horrider than I thought you were. And you just call me a liar again, Hell-Fire Packard, and I'll slap your face for you!"