Add to this that thought of all most dismayful! he had himself to convince first, the worst dragon of all to kill, for bare honesty's sake, in his own field; while, all the time he was arming and fighting like the waves of the flowing tide in a sou'-wester, Sunday came in upon Sunday, roaring on his flat, defenceless shore, Sunday behind Sunday rose towering, in awful perspective, away to the verge of an infinite horizon Sunday after Sunday of dishonesty and sham yes, hypocrisy, far worse than any idolatry.

That which is exactly due for the pay you receive, do for honour and honesty's sake. But do no more; show no zeal: above all, trust not to any sense of justice for reward of any work done in excess of the bargain. Incur no responsibility, or you will be made a cat's-paw of. "Listen.

So Ivan and his wife went up to the castle, and there they pointed out the man to whom they had given the purse, and he had to give it up and was sent away from the castle. And the lord was so pleased with Ivan that he made him his servant in the stead of the thief. "Honesty's the best policy!" quoth Ivan, as he skipped about in his new quarters. "How joyful I am!"

We nodded rather mentally than actually, and were encouraged, I knew if I yielded I was yielding to something founded essentially on sex, and for my honesty's sake I would not fail. "My child, it is no use," I said to her who spoke to me, and, struggling with myself, I put her hand from me.

"Now that's what I calls a comely lad!" continued Nabbem, pointing to the latter horseman; "none of your thin-faced, dark, strapping fellows like that Captain Lovett, as the blowens raves about, but a nice, tight little body, with a face like a carrot! That's a beauty for my money! Honesty's stamped on his face, Mr. Tomlinson! But a merry one forever for such lads as us, Mr. Pepper!

And you are 'on the level, aren't you?" "Some say honesty's the best policy," replied he. "Some say it isn't. I don't know, and I don't care, whether it is or it isn't. It's my policy. And we six seem to have got along on it so far." I sent my "guests" ashore the next morning. "No, I'll stay aboard," said I to Mulholland, as he stood aside for me to precede him down the gangway from the launch.

"You think no honest man can be a member of the Government?" "I don't say that, but I think honesty's a deal easier away from 'em. The fact is, Mr. Finn, it's all wrong with us yet, and will be till we get it nigher to the great American model. If a poor man gets into Parliament, you'll excuse me, Mr. Finn, but I calls you a poor man." "Certainly, as a member of Parliament I am a very poor man."

A few there are left, old, tottering, and gray, Apart and forgotten, as those who are dead; Yet sometimes they meet on life's thorny way, And talk, and live over the days that have fled. Oh! how I remember those faces so bright, Which beamed in their boyhood with honesty's ray! And oft, when alone, in the stillness of night, We're all at the school-house again, and at play!

'If you'll excuse me, please. I haven't took no stimmilents these five years. ''Tis never too late to mend. 'Against the regulations, I be afraid. 'Who'll know it? 'That's true nobody will know it. Still, honesty's the best policy. 'Ah it is certainly. But, thank God, I've been able to get on without it yet. You'll surely drink with me?

With Molly's gift, a little carved ivory box, Otoyo handed a letter. "I promised to deliver it on the last day," she said. "That sounds a good deal like the Judgment Day," said Molly, laughing, as she tore open the envelope. The letter read: "The Campus Ghost and the Thief of Lunches has learned from you what nobody ever told her before: that honesty's the best policy.