'Oh, says th' Cap, 'ye're th' American gazabo that owns this hut, he says. 'I am, says Willum. 'I can't go, says th' Cap. 'Ye didn't ask me here an' ye can't sind me away, he says. 'Gossoon, another shell iv malt, an' dhraw it more slow, he says. 'I am an English gintleman an' I know me rights, he says. 'Dure or window, says Willum. 'Take ye'er choice, he says.

"Wait, my dear! why, what do you take him for?" "Why, is not he your footman?" whispered Angelina. "My footman! Nat!" exclaimed Miss Hodges, bursting out a laughing, "my Angelina took you for my footman." "Good heavens! what is he?" said Angelina, in a low voice. "Verily," said Nat Gazabo, with a sort of bashful simple laugh, "verily, I am the humblest of her servants."

But when she reached the door, she could not forbear the pleasure of making her entrance in the glory of her new adornment. Her reception was altogether disappointing. For her mother's and grandmother's voices rose up shrill and shriller, demanding what at all hijjis gazabo she'd got on her.

Everybody knew you had it in for him. All I had to do was well, what you said I did. If you hadn't tumbled to it, and I'm damned if I can see how you did, there wasn't anything to it at all. It was open and shut that the Magpie pinched the swag, and that you croaked him and beat it with the bonds." "Say," said Larry the Bat admiringly, "youse're some slick gazabo, youse are!

The nerve of him to put that up to us!" "Perhaps he's the gazabo that monkeyed with our machines," suggested Jimmie. "Wish I'd 'a' caught him at it!" "But Ned says that was an European," Frank said. "Then they're thick around us," Jimmie went on, "and we're up to our necks in trouble. I wonder what instructions this Rae person will give Ned?" "Suppose we go inside and see," Frank answered.

Going to be in town long enough for me to play a game uh pool?" "I was going right out again, but there's no particular hurry," said Dill, looking over his letters. "Were you going to play with some one in particular?" "No just the first gazabo I could rope and lead up to the table," Billy told him, sliding off the counter where he had been perched.

At the word country-house, let no one figure to himself a snug little box like that in which a warm London citizen, after long years of toil, indulges himself, one day out of seven, in repose enjoying, from his gazabo, the smell of the dust, and the view of passing coaches on the London road: no, these Hibernian villas are on a much more magnificent scale; some of them formerly belonged to Irish members of parliament, who were at a distance from their country-seats.

"Anyway," he added, "we've caused Rae, if that is his name, to show his hand. That is something." "If we never get away," laughed Jimmie, "we can leave the information to our friends in a will! I wonder if this gazabo will get Frank and Jack?" "Possibly," Ned answered. "They seem to be puttin' most all the Americans in China out of circulation!" said the little fellow.

They'se no quiet f'r annybody. They's a fight on ivry minyit iv th' time. Ye may say to ye'ersilf: 'I'll lave these la-ads roll each other as much as they plaze, but I'll set here in th' shade an' dhrink me milk punch, but ye can't do it. Some wan 'll say, 'Look at that gazabo settin' out there alone. He's too proud f'r to jine in our simple dimmycratic festivities.

"Will you allow aristocratic insolence to pass by you, sir?" said she to Nat Gazabo, who stood like a statue in the doorway he edged himself aside.