"I am sorry for that." "Because," he went on, "you've got the gift o' the gab, and a gabbing man is worse than a gabbing woman." "You can gab your share, if it comes to that," said I. "Can I?" "You can." "My chap," he growled, holding up a warning hand, "go easy now, go easy; don't get me took again." "Not if I can help it," I returned.

Now, as I stood thus, I heard a voice hailing me, and, glancing about, espied one, some distance up the road, who sat beneath the hedge, whom, upon approaching, I recognized as Gabbing Dick, the Pedler. He nodded and grinned as I came up, but in both there was a vague unpleasantness, as also in the manner in which he eyed me slowly up and down.

Never mind, I'll mend it for you to-night, if you like." "I can buy another," said I gloomily. "No, that would be wicked, wasteful extravagance, Peregrine, and I can mend it beautifully." "Very well!" I sighed. "That's three times you fights for me, Peregrine." "And been worsted on each occasion!" said I. "No, you beats Gabbing Dick, remember," said she consolingly, her hand on my shoulder again.

Freeze me to death on a stump, if I won't walk into their meat-houses in style, then my name ain't Tom Lannoch." "Jes' place me whar tha'll be some heads to crack, with gougin' and punchin' thrown in, and then count me in." "And hyer's Dick Smaddock, what " "Order!" roared the Captain; "I'll arrange matters without any gabbing from you. We are losing time.

In them days young people didn't be gabbing back to their elders w'en they was spoke to, but held their mag an' done their work proper," she crushingly replied. "But I was thinkin'," said Andrew quite unabashed, "that you was a terrible fool to be took in with that yarn.

"Well, and her? What sort of a face did she make coming back?" one of the men inquired. "Hum! She was so damned happy she was gabbing all the way." "And the tenderfoot?" "Just as quiet as he always is, you know him." "I think," Venancio expressed his opinion with great seriousness, "that if Camilla woke up in the General's bed, it was just a mistake. We drank a lot, remember!

Payne, with his feet firmly laced together, stood straight as one of the scaffold beams, and braced himself up so stoutly that this in part prevented the breaking of his neck. Harold stood well beneath the drop, still whimpering at the lips, but taut, and short, and boyish. Atzerott, in his grovelling attitude, while they tied him began to indulge in his old vice of gabbing.

"Oh, it's you, is it?" said the Pedler, and forthwith Gabbing Dick stepped out of the shadows, brooms on shoulder and bulging pack upon his back, at sight of which the leafy tumult of his approach was immediately accounted for. "So it's you, is it?" he repeated, setting down his brooms and spitting lugubriously at the nearest patch of shadow. "Yes," I answered, "but what brings you here?"

This is his second year here and he's still gabbing about how much higher class Claflin is and how much better they do everything there and oh, all that sort of rot. I told him once that if the fellows at Claflin were so much classier than we are I could understand why they didn't let him stay there. He didn't like it. He doesn't narrate his sweet, sad story to me any more.

"A large water bottle full of water lightly colored with wine attracted my attention. Boivin, embarrassed, said to his wife: "'See here, my dear, just on a special occasion, are you not going to give us some plain wine? "She looked at him furiously. "'So that you may both get tipsy, is that it, and stay here gabbing all day? A fig for your special occasion! "He said no more.