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Surely there must be a place where it would be all right for you to stay." "Oh, yes," replied Carley, eagerly. "Glenn wrote me there was a lodge where people went in nice weather right down in the canyon not far from his place. Then, of course, the town Flagstaff isn't far.... Aunt Mary, I think I'll go." "I would. You're certainly wasting your time here."

To enjoy this trip aright, one should drive there, and arrange to sleep in the amphitheatre, returning on the following day. Extinct Volcanoes. Or, if a more extended trip is desired, one can drive on to the many cinder cones and extinct volcanoes that lie to the north and east of the San Francisco Mountains, including Sunset Crater and O'Leary Peak, and then into Flagstaff.

A ranger from the station near there visited us, and two young ranchers, who told us that the influenza epidemic was waning. This was news to be thankful for. Moreover, I hired the two ranchers to hurry us by auto to Flagstaff on the morrow. So right there at Mormon Lake ended our privations.

"Is that the best opinion you have of us, after the way you've been praising us athletes for two years?" laughed Prescott. "I'll toss you for it, Dick," nudged Dave. "What's this?" demanded Mr. Macey. "Prescott and I are going to toss for it, to see who shall have the first chance to climb the spire and flagstaff," replied Dave. "Nonsense! Out of the question," almost exploded Mr. Macey.

"As the representative of Roland Clewe, Esq.," said Samuel, deliberately and distinctly, "I take possession of the north pole of this earth in the name of United North America." With these words he unfurled his flag, with its broad red and white stripes, and its seven great stars in the field of blue, and stuck the sharp end of the flagstaff into the deck in the centre of the circle.*

We saw here a young man who had been educated in the Government School at Carlisle; but, like most of his race, after returning to his village he had reverted to the ways of his ancestors, disqualified by his birth and instincts of heredity from doing anything else successfully. It was late on the night succeeding our visit to Ácoma that we arrived at Flagstaff, and our entire party was asleep.

When, after the incident described above, the cadets marched back to barracks, it was already so certain that the Stars and Stripes would soon be torn down from every flagstaff in Virginia that their breach of discipline was easily condoned.

When I asked what he was doing for I was now well enough to come on deck he said he was going to see how monkeys could throw nuts; when I pressed him, he said he had a will to hear the cats in the eaves; and when I became severe, he added that he would bring the Terror of France up past the batteries of the town in broad daylight, swearing that they could no more hit him than a woman could a bird on a flagstaff.

"Neither in the clearing nor in the park." "Don't you see any roofs of houses or monuments?" said Prudent, whose disappointment and anger were increasing rapidly. "No." "What! Not a flagstaff, nor a church tower, nor a chimney?" "Nothing but space." As he uttered the words the door opened. A man appeared on the threshold. It was Robur.

Whether he stood still, leaning with both hands on the flagstaff, or, bearing it upon his shoulder, paced slowly up and down, the careful arrangement of his poor dress, and his erect and lofty bearing, showed how high a sense he had of the great importance of his trust, and how happy and how proud it made him.