Garvey ain't so enthusiastic. She warms up about as much as a cold storage turkey. You can't feaze Vee, though, when she starts in to be folksy. "I'm just so sorry we've been so long getting over," says she. "And we came near not coming in this time. Didn't we hear music a moment ago. You're not having a dance or or anything, are you?" The Garveys look at each other sort of foolish for a second.

And no rain or mud or chill will ever feaze me. Yours with love, Kurt Dorn. Camp , October . Dear Sister Lenore, After that little letter of yours I could do nothing more than look up another pin like the one I sent Kathleen. I inclose it. Hope you will wear it. I'm very curious to see what your package contains. It hasn't arrived yet. All the mail comes late. That makes the boys sore.

He had agreed to travel as far as Aleukan with the party and there hire fresh Indians and sleds, hoping to find these dogs on his return. He had to have assistants and provisions before he could go on with his work for the Universal Oil Company. "Merely that yonder oil-shoot turned into a mud-bath doesn't feaze him," chuckled Jack to Mark.

"'Ridiculous'?" repeated the Western girl, with something like a catch in her throat. "Well, it might have been ridiculous," admitted Helen. "Only, after all, Jennie is real and so is Major Marchand. You couldn't feaze him, not even if a bomb had been dropped in the church vestibule."

Shucks, I've bit on so many of them rumors that they don't feaze me no more. One man who don't know nothin' about prospectin' goes an' stumbles over a fortune an' those who know it from A to Izzard goes 'round pullin' in their belts." "We don't pull in no belts we knows just where to look, don't we, Tenspot?" Remarked Tex, looking very wise.

Lord, when you take a Lorrigan and educate him and polish him, you sure have got a combination that's hard to go up against. Two years and my heavens, I don't know Lance any more! I never thought any Lorrigan could feaze me but there's something about Lance " In the house Lance was not showing any of the polish which Belle had mentioned rather regretfully.

"That's a great thing to come bothering about! Why didn't he get a screw-driver and screw up the screws?" "It's my place to keep the house in order," said Susan. "The report of things out of order usually sets landlords in a feaze, but you keep as serene as the moon with your tenant's complaints.

The animal whirled on a nickel, and reared, hard held, after the first plunge. The flying pebbles plentifully showered the two punchers. Bill Allen swore heartily, for one of the pebbles had clipped his damaged ear. "You see what a good rider I am," Racey said, sweetly. "Can't feaze me, nohow. Sit still, Bill, and lemme try can I jump the li'l hoss over you. Rod, do you mind movin' back a yard?"

When he appeared at supper Mrs. Burke did not say anything; but after the dishes were washed she took him apart and listened to his version of the affair. "Nicholas Burke," she said, "if this thing occurs again I shall punish you in a way you won't like." "Well, I'm awfully sorry," said Nickey, "but it didn't seem to feaze Mr. Maxwell a little bit.

Well, I got the 'Little Mother' all to myself from Newark to Philly and we went a twenty-knot clip, I tell you, for big as I am, I was just bursting to unload my worries upon someone, and that little woman seems born to carry the major portion of all creation's. She gets them, any way, and they don't seem to feaze her a particle. She bobs up serene and smiling after ever comber.