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"Where on earth did you I mean that I am quite overwhelmed under your cutting indictment of me. Old duffers of my age " "Don't say that," she said; "that is pleading guilty to the indictment, and reverting to the old footing. I shall not permit you to go back." "I don't want to, Eileen "

Possibly they may make slaves of us all. Well, we shall soon know the worst, for here they come confound those dogs! call them off, Phil; if they fly at any of those chaps and hurt them, there will be trouble at once! Here, Pincher, Juno, Pat, Kafoula, 'Mfan, come in, you silly duffers! Come in, I say! D'you hear me? Come in and lie down! And you too, Leo; how dare you, sir!"

If they would only look up! What duffers they are, with their eyes on the ground! I say, Lally! Hi h !" Terry only heard a word or two of all this, and the people down below none at all. It was only by accident that Lally turned round and took a look back at the house. "Powers above us!" he shouted, "what's up there on the chimbley?"

Has the American nation suddenly declined into intellectual dotage reached the bald-head and dizzy soubrette finale in the mighty drama of life? I can account for the success of Du Maurier's book only on the hypothesis that "like takes to like" that the world is full of frail Trilbys and half-baked duffers like Little Billee, who, Narcissuslike, worship their own image.

It would have been well enough if they were not in such a hurry; but they just swallowed a glass of wine, and the burden of all their remarks was, 'I have been to a dozen places already, and have about thirty or forty more to do." "Could not you two young ladies make them linger over smiles and wine?" laughed Bertie. "We are not such duffers at Montreal." "No, indeed.

Nor were they "duffers" either, although our wee Willie and his nine could no doubt, in the way of a "friendly" inning or two, show the lads a sweet thing, especially in the "underthrow," for which my little nephew, I hear, is famous.

"I go to Washington myself within a few days." "Till we meet again, then, Monsieur." The count lifted his hat, a courtesy which was gracefully acknowledged by the American; while the clerks at the desk eyed with tolerant amusement these polite but rather unfamiliar ceremonies of departure. These foreigners were odd duffers.

"Aha! Mack is going to throw first!" said the Reverend Alexander Munro. "That is a pity." "It's a shame!" cried Isa, with flashing eyes. "Why don't they put one of those older ah ?" "Stagers?" suggested the M.P.P. "Duffers," concluded Isa. "The lot determines the place, Miss Isa," said Mr. Freeman, with a smile at her. "But the best man will win."

Lord Ernest!" she exclaimed. "Why why you have been upstairs!" A good rule for diplomats, duffers, and others, is never to tell a falsehood when there is no hope that any one will believe it. "We er yes," we both mumbled. "But there isn't any upstairs except where we were." "Yes there is," Biddy assured her hastily too hastily. "You were on the roof. We were in the little room of the guardian."

The "duffers" arrived with a rush and in a twinkle the boxes were being removed from the sleigh in a manner quite violent, and this to the imminent peril of the contents. "Hi, not so bloomin' reckless," shouted Bruce, "don't smash 'em, whatever you do. They are the last colored lamps in town and we need 'em. And, say listen what's the fuss up the street?